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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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OK Int'l: New Soldering System Saves Cash

Garden Grove, CA — OK International, as part of its introduction of the PS-900 Soldering System, is offering a special purchase option for this benchtop hand soldering system: buy three systems and get one free. Although the offer expires at the end of this year, the PS-900 will save money for the user ...
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Omron: Ultra-Small Versatile Code Reader

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronics LLC has introduced an ultra-small, fixed mount multi-code reader, model V400-R, that automatically recognizes commonly used bar codes and 2D matrix codes to simplify setup. Measuring just 58 x 46 x 24.2mm, the palm-size metal body reader mounts almost anywhere due to ...
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Super-Slim Tool Holder from Schunk

Morrisville, NC — Schunk is introducing a super-slim version of the TENDO family of hydraulic expansion tool holders. The TENDO LSS has been optimized to keep interfering contours to a minimum, can be used to access difficult parts of a workpiece, and can be used in working areas where appliances create ...
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Sealant Equipment: Mobile Meter-Mix Dispense System

Plymouth, MI — Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s new Mobile See-Flo® 202 meter system is a cart-mounted positive-displacement meter-mix dispensing system designed to apply precision beads and small metered shots of precisely mixed resins such as epoxies, acrylics, urethanes and silicones — used ...
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Toshiba Teli Unveils Industrial Camera Processor

Irvine, CA — Toshiba Teli America, Inc. has introduced the SmartDragon image processor, calling it the next generation of its Smart Camera solutions. Easier to use and more powerful than its predecessor....
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Seho Intros Fiducial Recognition and Correction

Ashland, VA — Seho has introduced a fiducial recognition and correction function for its selective soldering systems. This new software feature allows optical registration of the PC board to be soldered and to compensate for various types of misalignment such as offset, rotational error and linear shrinkage ...
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Agilent Software Upgrade Helps Older Test Equipment

San Jose, CA — Agilent's most recent software upgrades for the Agilent 3070 In-Circuit Tester (ICT) can greatly extend the useful life of existing test equipment. The upgrades are available through the company's normal support contracts or via one-time software updates for Agilent 3070 users. Upgrading to the latest ...Read More
Anomet: Tri-Metal Clad Wire

Shrewsbury, MA — Custom engineered, tri-metallic clad wire from Anomet Products, Inc. can combine a variety of specific properties which cannot be met by a single alloy. Anomet Tri-Metal Clad Wire features three materials, each metallurgically bonded together to achieve combined properties such as high ...
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Digitaltest Focus On Software Solutions

Concord, CA — Digitaltest Inc. is demonstrating a range of hardware and software test solutions for electronics manufacturers. The company is highlighting its innovative testers: Condor Flying Probe System, the MTS300 Sigma and the MTS 180 with new features. In addition, the company is offering a wide ...
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PEM® Spacers and Nuts Surface Mount on PCBs

Danboro, PA — PEM® ReelFast® surface mount spacers and nuts (Type SMTSO) install permanently on printed circuit boards in the same manner as other surface mount components prior to the reflow solder process. These steel fasteners offer solutions to space or stack PC boards, mount boards, or attach ...
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Qualitek: Green No-Lead Solder Paste

Addison, IL — Qualitek's Green Paste has been developed to help eliminate cross contamination between leaded and lead-free boards in a mixed production environment. The paste is visually green, allowing operators to readily distinguish it from standard, gray-colored Sn/Pb paste. The green color remains ...
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Sonics Intros Ultrasonic Metal Welding System

Newtown, CT — Sonics & Materials, Inc. is introducing its new MW20 Ultrasonic Welding system, with precise, ergonomic controls and weld quality monitoring in time, energy and/or distance. The system's GX-Series power supply provides microprocessor control and is available in 1200, 1700, 2200 and 3500 ...
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SPEA: Integrated Test Cells for MEMS

Volpiano, Italy — SPEA has introduced its new, comprehensive hardware and software test cell solution for the multi-site test of MEMS and sensors. Single-vendor test cells that integrate test and handling, with true test capability of 32 devices in parallel, are an answer to the relentless pressure to ...
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Specialty Coating: New Adhesion Promotion Technology

Indianapolis, IN — Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is introducing a new adhesion promotion technology, AdPro Plus, specifically developed to improve adhesion of Parylene conformal coatings to various substrates. AdPro Plus reportedly increases adhesion between Parylene coatings and various substrates. Strong ...Read More
Staubli Intros Fast, Heavy Payload Robot

Duncan, SC — Staubli Robotics has introduced a new heavy payload robot, the TX200. The TX200 and TX200L are the next generation of standard and long reach high-performance material handling robots with impressive speed, rigidity and load capacities ranging from 100kg to 130kg and a maximum reach of 2194mm ...
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RPS Automation Releases New Programming Software

Spokane Valley, WA — RPS Automation LLC has introduced the RPS programming software CamConductor 2.5. This latest version of the company's popular program, which is in use at hundreds of RPS customer sites, enables rapid and easy programming of selective soldering solutions for PC board through-hole soldering ...Read More
Apem: ADA Compliant Pushbutton Switch

Haverhill, MA — APEM Components, Inc. has released its LPI series illuminated pushbutton switches. The LPI, with its large actuator surface and light actuation force is designed to be compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This product is well suited for various indoor applications where ...
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