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Publication Date: 09/1/2008
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Jovy Rework System from AV Repair
Old Town, FL — AV Repair has inked an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Jovy Systems, manufacturer of the RE-7500 BGA rework system. Jovy's rework system is a nozzle-free unit that utilizes German infrared technology that, unlike many IR systems, does not require a heat lamp to rework and reflow all BGA and SMD devices.

The system will reflow such devices as BGA, CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and all epoxy underfilled µBGAs. Since the system does not use hot air, it can remove plastic components without any damage, and does so without disturbing any nearby components. The RE-7500 comes complete with a precision X-Y table, along with an on-board pre-heater, a built-in air pick, laser sighting, a built-in temperature sensor with digital monitoring, and a built-in cooling system.

The system can connect to a laptop or PC, which allows remote operation of all functions. This interface also incorporates user-created and edited profiles, uploaded directly to the rework system from the computer. This allows for consistent results time after time.

Profiles are an easy way to adjust all phases of the rework processes, including pre-heating, soaking, re-flow and cooling stages. The system reportedly provides even, homogeneous heat distribution, which achieves an accurate and standard rework process, and is fully scalable for future technologies and enhancements. The company also offers several BGA reballing kits, which incorporate all the necessary jigs and masks to remove and reball just about any BGA IC on the market today. Jovy Systems will also make special BGA masks on request.

Contact: AVRepair, Inc., 723 NE 412 Avenue, Old Town, FL 32680 888-453-4948 or 352-542-1076 fax: 206-338-3063 E-mail: Web:

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