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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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ACE Enhances Lead Tinning System

Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies, Inc. has enhanced its LTS200 Lead Tinning System, introduced earlier this year. The LTS200 is a programmable, automated machine that can be used for conventional lead tinning for Hi-Rel applications...
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Auto-Dip Solder System from Manncorp

Willow Grove, PA — A new lead-free solder dipping system is reportedly finding wide acceptance among PC board through-hole assemblers requiring a higher-throughput mass soldering capability than labor-intensive hand methods. "Auto-Dip," is a bench-top...
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Circuit Technology Center: BGA Site Changes

Haverhill, MA — Circuit Technology Center has introduced a circuit board modification service to accommodate changes required at BGA component sites to address design errors or updates that mandate changes to the circuit board layout. This refined and tested procedure provides design engineers with ...
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Configurable Board Level Shielding from Tech-Etch

Plymouth, MA — Tech-Etch manufactures standard and custom Board Level Shielding using photo chemical etching which provides design flexibility while reducing cost. The process supports very intricate geometries without the need for expensive tooling. Economical one-piece designs use depth etch bend ...Read More
Cytec Intros Potting Compounds

West Paterson, NJ — Cytec Industries Inc. has introduced its CONAP CONAPOXY series electronic and electrical potting product line. The potting compounds pass the rigorous UL 94 5VA and UL 94 V-O requirements to provide a level of insulation and protection not commonly found in similar potting and casting systems ...Read More
Desktop AOI System from FocalSpot

San Diego, CA — FocalSpot, Inc. has introduced a scanner-based Optical Inspection System named the "FA-Inspector". The new system captures an image of the entire PC board assembly to automate first article inspections and subsequent production inspection tasks without programming. The system uses ...Read More
EFD Intros New Green Cartridges

East Providence, RI — EFD, Inc., a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation has added new green-colored cartridges to its Optimum line of industrial fluid dispensing components. Many manufacturers have switched from traditional lead solder to lead-free solder in their production processes, and suppliers ...Read More
Epoxies, Etc.: Stencil Epoxy Adhesive

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has introduced its 10-3022 epoxy adhesive, designed for SMT stencil assembly. The adhesive is used to bond polyester mesh to aluminum frames and stainless steel foil to polyester mesh. The 10-3022 forms tough bonds and therefore provides good impact resistance.Read More
Eraser: Thermal Wire Stripper

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model BTS1 Thermal Wire Stripper is a bench-mounted thermal stripper for solid and stranded wire and cables up to 1/2-in. OD (12.7mm). The temperature of the stripping elements is infinitely variable up to 1400°F (760°C). The unit has an infinitely adjustable strip length ...Read More
Fluid Research: New Silver Epoxy Paste Dispenser

Tustin CA — Fluid Research® Corp. has introduced its new PluraSilver Dual Component Silver Epoxy Paste Dispensing Machine. Dispensing silver epoxy paste is a costly endeavor, wasted product can yield great losses; as the cost of material can be extremely expensive...
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IAC unveils New Lab Furnishing Website

Brea, CA — IAC has launched a new web site that contains the top workbenches, workstations, modular systems and other furnishings designed for...
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IBE Intros Cost-Effective SMT Monitors

Magnolia, TX — IBE SMT Equipment is now offering LCD Replacement Monitor Kits for Fuji SMT Equipment. The new kits enable replacement of defective or aging CRT monitors with a bright and easy to read LCD monitor for 1/3 the cost of the OEM replacement...
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IRphotonics Intros Thermal Spot Cure

Hamden, CT — IRphotonics has launched a new type of thermal spot curing system, branded under the name iCure. The first product available in the Series, the iCure AS200, is described as a revolutionary inline fiber optic system that provides heat by Infrared radiation in a portable unit, to deliver ...Read More
Lord: Polymer Resistor System

Cary, NC — Lord Corp.'s RoHS-compliant polymer resistor system, the 8600 series, has been developed as an alternative to ceramic high temperature materials (Cermet) for potentiometer applications. It reportedly offers better wear resistance than Cermet materials, which easily wear out the movable ...Read More
Metris Laser Scanner for Digital Inspection

Leuven, Beligum — Metris has introduced LC60D, a next-generation digital 3D line scanner. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology and powerful on-board data processing, the new scanner more than triples today's common scan rates. The instrument strengthens and accelerates the Digital Inspection ...
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Miga Intros SMA "Smart" Linear Motor

Berkeley, CA — Miga Motor Company has introduced its new MigaOne motor, described as an incredibly powerful, but lightweight (less than 0.5 oz.) linear actuator built directly onto a PCB substrate. This new motor, now being adapted for use by NASA and Boeing, is wafer-thin and smaller than a ...
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Miyachi Intros Fiber Laser Welding

Monrovia, CA — Miyachi Unitek has added turnkey fiber laser welders to its system capabilities lineup. Fiber lasers are unique welding sources that provide excellent welding performance with minimal cost...
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New Creform Wire Spool Rack/Cart

Greer, SC — Creform has introduced a new cart/storage rack unit designed specifically to hold and maximize handling capabilities for various gauge sizes and color-coded spools of electrical wire. The carts are suitable for use at electronic manufacturing facilities where wire is used on the floor ...Read More
OK Int'l: High Productivity Soldering System

Garden Grove, CA — OK International, as part of its introduction of the PS-900 Soldering System, is offering a special purchase option for this benchtop hand soldering system: buy three systems and get one free. The soldering system will reportedly save money for the user because of advanced features ...Read More
Petroferm Intros Defluxer/Cleaner

Gurnee, IL — Petroferm's New BIOACT EC-88 Defluxer, made with AquaEdge Technology, is highly recommended for cleaning today's lead-free, no-clean and high temperature solder pastes. Test results show that BIOACT EC-88 can clean popular pastes from leading suppliers such as AIM, Alpha/Cookson, Heraeus, Indium ...Read More
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