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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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3M Intros 2mm Stacking Connectors and Headers

Austin, TX — Printed circuit board manufacturers and electronics manufacturing services companies now have a lower cost option for small form factor board-to-board connectors and box headers. 3M Electronic Solutions Division has introduced the Board-to-Board Stacking Connectors and Box Headers, Series ...Read More
AdTech: Hi Temp & Al Nitride Packaging

Chattanooga, TN — AdTech Ceramics' microwave packaging capabilities include hermetic Alumina High Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC) and Aluminum Nitride (AIN) for applications in the X through K band...
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Low Profile SMT Connector from Advanced Interconnections

West Warwick, RI — Mezza-pede 1mm SMT Connectors from Advanced Interconnections Corp. are designed for 1mm pitch micro board-to-board and flex cable-to-board applications. The screw-machined, low profile connector is well suited for high reliability applications such as providing power to a tunable ...Read More
API Delevan: Shielded SMT Power Inductors

East Aurora, NY — API Delevan is introducing three new series of shielded surface mount power inductors: SP1812, SP1210, and SP1008. These inductors are sized to industry standard packages for ease of design. Product highlights include: high current capabilities; standard surface mount package sizes ...Read More
Apem: ADA Compliant Pushbutton Switch

Haverhill, MA — APEM Components, Inc. has released its LPI series illuminated pushbutton switches. The LPI, with its large actuator surface and light actuation force is designed to be compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This product is well suited for various indoor applications ...Read More
Astrodyne: 20W Wide Input DC/DC Converters

Mansfield, MA — Designed to meet cost-sensitive power conversion requirements in board-level product applications such as data acquisition, communications, and industrial I/O, Astrodyne's new FED20W series of modular packaged DC/DC converters provide output power of 20 Watts. The new converters accept ...Read More
Compact DC Power Supply from B+K

Yorba Linda, CA — B+K Precision Corporation's model 1550 Switching DC Power Supply is a compact 108 Watt DC power supply delivering 1 to 36VDC and 0 to 3A to its main isolated output. Operating as a constant voltage source or as a constant current source, automatic crossover to either mode of operation ...Read More
Brady Intros Versatile Label Printer

Milwaukee, WI — Brady has introduced its BBP81 Label Printer that is designed for use in tough industrial settings. The new printer is designed for high performance productivity, with USB connectivity; auto-calibration — adjusts sensor levels, lengths and feeds of label material when turned ...Read More
Calex Intros 3-Way Signal Isolators

Concord, CA — Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. has introduced the 8900 Series of signal isolaters. The product line offers a variety of self-contained, DC-powered signal conditioners designed for complete signal isolation. The isolated transmitters consist of 8 different inputs: 0 to 50mV; 0-100mV; 0-5V; 0-10V ...Read More
Contrinex Intros Hi-Temp Proximity Switches

Old Saybrook, CT — Contrinex has introduced a new range of high temperature inductive proximity switches designed specifically for sustained use in demanding high-temperature applications. Many manufacturing processes such as furnaces, steel plants, casting machines, engine control, foundries, heat ...Read More
EPCOS Intros Protective CeraDiodes

Iselin, NJ — EPCOS has extended its range of CeraDiodes with a new type with typical capacitance of 0.6pF in case size 0603 (semiconductor diode package SOD-523). The company now offers CeraDiodes in case sizes 0402 and 0603 with a typical capacitance of 0.6pF. Both devices were developed for ESD ...Read More
Modular 1U Power Supply from Excelsys

Rockwall, TX — Excelsys Technologies has introduced its XCE 1450W modular power supply. This latest addition to the Xgen family of 1U power supplies measures just 10.55 x 5.00 x 1.59-in. offering 1340 Watts Continuous, 1450 Watts peak power with efficiencies up to 90 percent. The XCE "powerPac" chassis ...Read More
FDK: Sensei Series Isolated DC/DC Converter

San Jose, CA — FDK Corporation has introduced a regulated DC/DC converter in the industry-standard quarter brick format that provides 18A (216 Watts) of output current with minimal derating at elevated temperatures. The FPQR48T01218 is the latest in the FDK Sensei Series of isolated DC/DC converters ...Read More
Thermal Interface Materials from Fujipoly

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly America has introduced in-stock availability of "box-shaped" thermal interface caps specifically designed to transfer heat from transistors to nearby heatsinks. The highly-efficient, slide-on thermal interface caps are available in two Sarcon material formulations molded ...Read More
Goepel: Boundary Scan Module Extends Test Coverage

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced its CION Module/DIMM240 as another Boundary Scan I/O module of the CION product family. The new digital low-cost module is serially controlled via TAP...
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High Endurance 10GHz Socket from Ironwood

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced its high performance socket — the SS-BGA225G-01 — for the ASE 225 LTFBGA. The contactor is a spring pin (pogo) with 16 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 500,000 insertions. The self-inductance of the contactor is 1.3nH, insertion ...Read More
JTAG Intros Rack-Mountable Instruments

Stevensville, MD — JTAG Technologies has introduced its Rack-Mountable Instrument, JT 37x7/RMI — a fully-featured DataBlaster controller together with a front-end QuadPOD, packaged into a convenient form factor that's perfect for mounting in a standard 19-in. equipment rack. The four TAPs are ...Read More
Framos Adds to CMOS modules

Munich, Germany — Framos has added a number of compact CMOS modules to its imaging modules to close the gap between image sensors and cameras. These modules are suitable for a variety of applications in devices that require high quality standards in spite of limited space availability. According to the company ...Read More
Kepco: 36V Adjustable Output Supply

Flushing, NY — Kepco has introduced its model RKE 36-42K, a 36V nominal output addition to its popular 1200-1500 watt, high reliability RKE series. The output voltage of this model may be adjusted from 25.2 to 55.0V nominal, using the built-in trimmer, and may be programmed remotely via a 0 to 5.75V analog ...Read More
Keithley Intros Fast Dual-Channel Supply

Cleveland, OH — Keithley Instruments, Inc. has introduced the Model 2308 Portable Device Battery/Charger Simulator, a dual-channel battery- and charger-simulating power supply designed to provide the lowest cost testing of both the growing range of mobile phones with new, complex transmission schemes ...Read More
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