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Publication Date: 10/1/2008
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Metris Laser Scanner for Digital Inspection
Laser scanning system.
Leuven, Beligum — Metris has introduced LC60D, a next-generation digital 3D line scanner. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology and powerful on-board data processing, the new scanner more than triples today's common scan rates. The instrument strengthens and accelerates the Digital Inspection Process by scanning parts and streaming part geometry and model data into the design-through-manufacturing data flow.

The product represents a major leap forward compared to its LC50 predecessor line scanner, providing a significant increase in productivity, which is achieved by speeding up the image acquisition frame rate from 25 to 75Hz. In combination with 15 percent wider laser stripe and 17 percent higher point resolution, the scan speed of the LC60D reaches an impressive 75,000 non-interpolated points per second.

The massive amount of measurement points radically increases the surface area the scanner is able to capture and process. As a result, LC60D operators can complete scanning jobs up to 3 times faster. This allows manufacturers to drastically compress the inspection cycle time for freeform parts, or boost the number of features that can be scanned in the same time frame.

Scanning any material by automatically adjusting scanner intensity To effectively scan surfaces with varying color or high reflectivity, Metris introduces third-generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3).

By dynamically adapting laser source intensity and CMOS camera sensitivity, the LC60D automatically captures any gradual or abrupt change in surface characteristics. ESP3 functionality not only provides automatic real-time adjustment of sensor settings between successive laser stripes, but also for each individual point of the laser stripe. This ensures maximum data coverage on all surface materials and shapes, irrespective of surface finishing and lighting conditions.

According to the company, the instrument exhibits premium temperature stability, together with the temperature compensation algorithms, these features minimize warm-up time and guarantee reliable accuracy under shop floor conditions. The scanner has even zero warm-up time when it is taken from the heated ACR3 docking rack, resulting in minimum idle time and maximum scanning productivity.

The instrument has been designed to easily integrate with coordinate measurement machines. In addition, it can also be used in conjunction with portable CMMs including both articulated arms and optical CMMs. The company's Focus software suite accelerates the entire workflow, from off-line preparation to final reporting. Focus Scan supports intuitive CAD-based generation of scanner motion paths, and Focus Inspection generates manual or automatic reports that display interactive 3D part-to-CAD or feature

Integrated Metris scanning solutions accurately capture the complete 3D metrology signature of parts and assemblies in record time. This enables the Digital Inspection Process providing more profound metrology insight which is indispensable in improving and accelerating styling, tooling, prototyping and serial production.

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