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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Valor Delivers Dashboard Mfg. Solution
Manufacturing floor monitoring dashboard.
Yavne, Israel — Valor Computerized Systems in partnership with Business Objects, has introduced The plant level dashboard — calling it the industry's most advanced MI (Manufacturing Intelligence) tool, providing a high level view of performance of multiple assembly lines, WIP tracking, and full metrics of KPIs focused on factory performance, asset utilization, product quality and the productivity of the shop floor workforce.

The system lets manufacturers monitor their operations in real-time through simple, easy-to-use dashboards linked directly to the manufacturing floor. The dashboards enable accurate and rapid interpretation of data from the company's manufacturing and testing operations, providing the ability to take the proactive view in driving peak performance and the response time necessary to constantly adapt to the dynamics of the market.

The dashboards are easy to use with many adjustable templates included out of the box. Each dashboard template immediately displays specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) giving critical visibility into every operational environment, to quickly identify trends or patterns in-progress for early corrective action. With the goal of ensuring an efficient production flow, the line level solution provides the SMT workforce with real-time information about line/machine performance and work order status, as well as a wide range of analytical results that measure the utilization, productivity and quality of the assembly process. These include among others, OEE measurements, change-over time, first pass yield and nozzle/feeders errors by specific ID numbers.

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