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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Schleuniger Intros Cost Effective Automation Module
Manchester, NH — Schleuniger, Inc. has introduced its new TransferModule 1500 — a flexible, semi-automatic platform for linking production processes that require one or two linear movements. Complex processing steps can be automated where precise repetition is critical, improving quality and reducing labor — all at a fraction of the cost of a fully automatic system.

The TM1500 offers a cost-effective way to get into automation. Individual processes, such as stripping or crimping, are carried out using standard machines that are integrated into a linear transfer system. Processes that are technically difficult to automate, such as insertion of a component, are carried out manually by the operator. This keeps the overall system cost down, helping to achieve a better ROI.

For additional quality assurance, component positioning can be monitored automatically by an appropriate sensor system. Through a combination of manual processes and precise automated processing steps, a wide range of applications can be carried out in a cost-effective manner.

The unit represents a comparatively small investment, while offering flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing production demands. As a semi-automatic solution requiring an operator, shorter cycle times and reduced component handling times allow the operator to work more efficiently. This completes a repeatable link of several independent operations.

Wide ranging application possibilities include multi-layer rotary stripping, crimping of various terminals, connector housing assembly, sensor cable assembly, wire tinning or compaction. Customer-specific processes are simple to integrate when using an open architecture that is PLC driven and operated with a PC.

Contact: Schleuniger, 87 Colin Dr., Manchester, NH 03103 603-668-8117 fax: 603-668-8119 Web:

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