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Publication Date: 12/1/2008
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Omron Intros Optical Module for HDMI Over Fiber
Optical module.
Pleasanton, CA — Omron has released the P1TX6A-SX51-01M Transmitter Optical Module and the P1RX6A-SX51-01M Receiver Optical Module to serve the high-definition video market. The easy-to-implement SX51 Module is the appropriate solution for the distance challenges inherent in the bandwidth-intensive, high-speed data applications associated with HDMI rev1.3 compliant high-definition video.

The 6-channel CWDM SX51 is the only optical solution available that allows direct mapping of TMDS bit streams over a single fiber without manipulation of the copyright protection or the video signal. The new module includes a heatsink, ESD protection circuitry, microprocessor and firmware to run HDCP signals on a single fiber.

According to the company, by enabling a single link that carries bi-directional communication in conjunction with unaltered high-speed data, the SX51 makes upgrading equipment to HDMI 1.3, Display Port, and high-definition protocols significantly easier.

The module brings significant advantages to customers in the HDMI and other HDCP Video extender markets. By designing around the company's Optical Modules, customers can quickly get products to market since much of the design work needed to implement an optical solution has already been done. Customers can use any multimode fiber terminated with standard SC connectors, including standard, off-the-shelf fiber, ranging from very thin bare fiber to ruggedized patch fiber which can be pulled through conduit. No other single-fiber, HDMI solution exists on the market with this ease-of-use and flexibility. In addition, the SX51 operates without altering the video stream. The SX51 is like a freight train that simply accepts containers loaded with precious content and moves them from one end to the next.

The capacious throughput of the SX51 is designed to fully support HDMI rev1.3 requirements. HDMI rev1.3 specifications allow for advanced Deep Color support, which utilizes up to 16 bits per pixel effectively providing a dynamic spectrum of colors ranging in the billions of shades, as well as for true lossless audio playback through Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio formats.

Also, the incorporation of bi-directional channels provides a level of control unique to the SX family of OSAs. This additional aspect of flexibility positions the SX51 as an attractive alternative for solutions in applications such as broadcast, in-flight entertainment or any video/data application where bi-directional communication along a common optical fiber is desirable.

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