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Lowering Expensive Tape Costs by Eliminating Waste
Specialized automatic dispenser eliminates waste with expensive Kapton tape.

In many manufacturing industries the precision application of specialty adhesive tapes is extremely important. These specialty tapes, such as Kapton®, are not cheap and must be applied at very precise measurements. The high material cost of such tapes, combined with the need for precision application results in a large, unwanted and costly amount of waste and slower production time.

Here, we examine how to eliminate this waste, drastically lower your overall material costs and greatly increase your productivity. Kapton tape is made of polyimide film and adhesive and is capable of maintaining its properties over a wide temperature range, and removes cleanly, leaving no residue. Because of these characteristics, Kapton is used for many applications in the electronics, electrical and aerospace industries.

In electrical applications, the tape is most commonly used for masking parts of printed circuit boards that don't need solder during wave soldering. It is also used in high temperature masking during powder coating applications, coil insulation, capacitor and transformer wrapping and magnetic wire insulation. In addition, Kapton is often used for wrapping switches, sensors and coils and is used in the aerospace industry for insulating aircraft and spacecraft wings.

Detail-Oriented Applications
Because of its detail oriented-applications Kapton tape often needs to be applied in very specific lengths. Therefore the tape is often applied by hand and trimmed with a razor blade for a perfect fit. While this application method certainly works, Kapton tape is extremely expensive often ranging from $40- $60 a roll. It doesn't take long to see how trimming off an inch of waste for every piece used, multiplied by every circuit board, and then multiplied by every shift really adds up fast and equals a lot of expensive waste. A simple investment in Start International's zcM1000 electronic tape dispenser will quickly solve that problem and drastically lower material waste and can save thousands of dollars in wasted tape costs.

The zcM1000 can deliver and cut tape to the exact measurement needed, eliminating waste and speeding up the taping process. The technician simply dials in the length needed, up to the exact millimeter, and the zcM1000 will advance and cut the tape to the desired length. In auto mode, as soon as one piece of tape is removed, another piece is automatically dispensed, ready and waiting to be used.

Tendency to Curl
In addition, Kapton tape has a high tendency to curl up when pulled from its roll. For this material Start International has developed the "K" and "B" modification models. The zcM1000-K applies a slight crease to the piece of tape being dispensed which eliminates the curling effect and delivers a perfectly straight piece of tape. The zcM1000-B is another solution for Kapton tape applications as the "B" modification has a special advancement roller designed specifically for thin and narrow tapes.

Not only will this dispenser provide great savings in material costs, it will also greatly increase the operator's productivity. We have seen and cited many cases where operators were previously applying and trimming an average of 2 pieces of tape per minute. With the zcM1000 they easily doubled their productivity to an average of 5 pieces a minute. This is another benefit that when added up over time will save thousands of dollars in increased productivity. It's like having two employees for the price of one.

When it comes to manufacturing, there is an enormously wide range of tape types and applications — tapes used in such industries as packaging. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a dispenser that has been especially designed and tested for the specific applications and materials involved. By finding the perfect electronic tape dispenser for your application, you will quickly see the financial benefits as your productivity increases and your materials costs will drop saving you thousands of dollars.

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