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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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Aeroflex Enhances PXI RF Test Platform

Plainview,NY — Aeroflex has added several new product features to its PXI Modular Instrument 3000 Series that will provide users with a greater degree of flexibility than ever before. To meet customers' current and future RF testing needs, the company has added a new embedded PXI system controller ...Read More
Agilent 'Scopes Power Test & Standards Lab

Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies, Inc. Infiniium 90000A Series oscilloscopes and USB, SATA and DisplayPort application and compliance solutions have been selected by Allion Test Labs Inc. to test its clients' devices for compatibility with USB, SATA and DisplayPort standards. Allion is a testing organization ...Read More
ASG: Pneumatic Tool Program

Cleveland, OH — ASG Industrial, a division of Jergens, Inc., has unveiled an extensive air tool program for a wide range of industrial applications. The products include CE-certified industrial pneumatic tools for fastening, cutting, finishing and tool storage. Among fastening-related items are pulse ...Read More
Jet Dispensing System from Asymtek

Carlsbad, CA — Asymtek, a Nordson company, has released the DispenseJet DJ-100 family of piezo-electric jets. According to the company, the new, non-contact jet dispensing system combines high production speed with high accuracy and process control. The new system is suitable for a wide range...
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High Precision Label Printer from cab

Tyngsboro, MA — cab Technology, Inc. has released the XD4 Double-sided Thermal Printer. This addition to cab family of thermal printers has the ability to print one color on the top and bottom of either direct thermal, thermal transfer or heat shrink tubing. The printer is based on the company's ...Read More
Christopher Assoc. Intros High Power Soldering Iron

Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates Inc. has introduced the Unicon 108XL high power soldering iron for high-mass soldering applications, including printed circuit assembly, industrial, and solar cell manufacturing. Available in 150 Watt and 300 Watt versions, and using a high mass soldering tip ...Read More
Cobar: Full Range of Lead-Free Solders & Fluxes

Londonderry, NH — Cobar Solder Products is showing a complete range of advanced soldering materials ranging from bar solder to SMT solder paste to high-performance fluxes. Included is a complete range of lead-free products and advanced fluxes based on Nihon Superior's patented SN100C-alloy. Cobar ...Read More
Conveyor Tech: Plastic Modular Belt System

Milford, OH — Conveyor Technologies Ltd.'s advanced plastic modular belt conveyors are designed to provide increased life and capability, as well as reduced operating cost, in a high-performance package...
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JTAG Isolation Barrier from Corelis

Cerritos, CA — Corelis has extended its broad line of ScanExpress boundary scan hardware controllers and accessories with the addition of the ScanTAP IsoPod — an add-on accessory that provides a complete electrical isolation barrier between the target system and the JTAG Test Access...
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CSZ Intros New Environmental Rooms

Cincinnati, OH — Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) has introduced its latest Stability Walk-in Rooms for mild temperature and/or humidity simulation. These environmental rooms are designed for stability testing, shelf life testing, package testing, consumer product testing, research and wherever mild temperature ...Read More
FKN: Singulating Pre-Scored SIMM Cards

Framingham, MA — Depaneling routed and scored PC boards such as SIMM cards can be a fidgety process if the right tooling is not available. Once the first carrier strip is removed, the cards will move on their own, making it difficult to match up the second pre-score line to the cutting blades. ...
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Thermal Interface Putty from Fujipoly

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly America Corporation's Sarcon XR-Pe is a putty-like thermal interface material designed for broad ranging commercial and consumer electronics applications. This advanced material helps improve semiconductor performance by efficiently transferring unwanted heat to a nearby heat ...Read More
Goepel Intros Boundary Scan Platform

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced a new controller series compliant with PCI Express External Cabling specification, a new addition to the revolutionary JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform SCANFLEX®. The new family of Boundary...
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Henkel Intros Self-filleting Die Attach Technology

Irvine, CA — Henkel has launched what it describes as breakthrough self-filleting die attach technology with a line of new Ablestik® brand die attach materials known as self-filleting die attach. The new class of die attach products offers all of the benefits of traditional die attach pastes, but
takes the adhesive technology further by incorporating a self-filleting mechanism... Read More
JNJ Intros Protective Barrier Cream

Franklin, MA — JNJ Industries' new SafetySmart® Barrier Cream is a specially formulated, non-greasy skin protectant lotion that forms an invisible barrier on healthy skin. The cream incorporates a special moisturizing formula to soothe and moisturize dry, irritated skin while protecting workers ...Read More
JTAG Technologies Intros New I/O Module

Stevensville, MD — JTAG Technologies has introduced the new compact JT 2149/MPV Digital I/O Scan (DIOS) module, which provides test access to PC boards requiring external I/O stimulus and response monitoring. The multi-programmable and multi...
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Manncorp: Starter Lab Turnkey Line

Willow Grove, PA — Manncorp's "Starter Lab" turkey line is geared for production and training applications, and is widely used by contractors and OEMs who require low-cost precision prototyping or low-volume SMT assembly. It reportedly has also gained...
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Metris Laser Radar Automates Inspection

Brighton, MI — Metris has released Laser Radar Driver 5.1 software to set new precision standards for automated, non-contact inspection of holes in large measuring volumes. Depending on hole diameter, the system allows for accuracy and repeatability levels up to 30 times higher than before. Laser Radar's... Read More
Mydata: Secure Traceability Software

Bromma, Sweden — Mydata has released the traceability software MYTrace. The fully automatic system gives users the ability to quickly and simply trace mounted components to printed circuit boards and in that way save both time and resources. According to the company, the system is easy to install and ready ...Read More
OK Int'l: High Productivity Soldering Station

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has launched the highly anticipated MX-5000 Soldering, Desoldering and Rework System. Metcal systems provide easy usability and state-of-the-art ergonomics to reduce training requirements without compromising performance. The new soldering, desoldering and rework ...Read More
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