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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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Smallest RF Relays from Omron

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronic Components LLC has introduced the G6K-RF-S series of DPDT (2 form C) gull-wing SMD RF relays which take up only 10.7 x 8.6mm including terminals. The length was reduced by 17 percent when compared to previous versions. These relays handle 1A at 30VDC discrete load ...Read More
Schleuniger Software Reduces Machine Downtime

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger, Inc. has introduced new software for fully automatic crimping machines. Significant increases in efficiency can be achieved with the company's new EASY ProductionServer software for CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines. The software can automatically sort and ...Read More
TDK-Lambda Launches Isolated DC-DC Converters

San Diego, CA — TDK-Lambda has launched a new family of single and dual-output, 40-watt, DC-DC converters that operate from a 4:1 wide range input — making them suitable for applications where the input voltage can vary widely, including datacom...
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Tyco Intros LED Light Pipes

Harrisburg, PA — New LED light pipe assemblies from Tyco Electronics provide a convenient and easy-to-use way to achieve accent lighting. With versions for both low- and high-intensity LEDs, the system uses a linear LED light source and a proprietary large-core optical fiber to project light the ...Read More
Stereo Zoom Microscope from Vision Engineering

New Milford, CT — Vision Engineering has introduced its impressive new stereo zoom microscope, the SX45, for greater affordability without compromising optical performance. The instrument is the latest addition to the company's extensive range of stereo viewers...
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Datapaq Intros Easy Oven Setup Software

Wilmington, MA — Datapaq is introducing its new Easy Oven Setup (EOS) software for reflow ovens. EOS is described as an easy-to-use software program that automatically calculates the best reflow oven settings based on the product and process limits. EOS uses a newly developed search engine to process... Read More
Rehm Intros New Vacuum Vapor Phase Reflow

Blaubeuren, Germany — Rehm Thermal Systems is showing its latest developments in Vacuum Vapor Phase reflow with the launch of its VPS Condenso Vacuum system. The company is demonstrating the many advantages of the new technology, which is particularly effective for thermally demanding...
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YXLON Intros Variofocus X-ray System

Hamburg, Germany — YXLON International is introducing Variofocus X-ray system with focal spot technology, a newly developed product offering extraordinary small, in-performance variable focal spot. The Variofocus System Y.XST225-VF closes the gap between microfocus and conventional X-ray tubes in digital radiography ...Read More
ACE Adds New X-Ray System to Development Lab

Spokane, WA — ACE Production Technologies, Inc. has added a FocalSpot FSX-075 high definition X-Ray system to the company's newly-formed Selective Soldering Process Development Lab. ACE selected the hardware based on ease of use, flexible inspection capabilities, and image capture quality. It is a high-resolution ...Read More
Pillarhouse Updates Selective Soldering Machine

Elk Grove Village, IL — Pillarhouse, continuing on the success of the Jade selective soldering machine, has introduced the MkII system. The redesign of the electronics system has enabled the company to add many new software and hardware features to the Jade, including flash programmable firmware that... Read More
Vitronics Soltec Intros PCB Warpage Compensation

Oosterhout, Netherlands — Vitronics Soltec now offers PC board warpage compensation as a feature of its advanced mySelective 6748 selective soldering machines. This compensation ensures that the points to be soldered on an assembly are always the same precise height above the wave, even if there ...Read More
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