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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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JTAG Isolation Barrier from Corelis
Electrical isolation barrier accessory.
Cerritos, CA — Corelis has extended its broad line of ScanExpress boundary scan hardware controllers and accessories with the addition of the ScanTAP IsoPod — an add-on accessory that provides a complete electrical isolation barrier between the target system and the JTAG Test Access Port (TAP). It provides electrical isolation of the JTAG controller TAP signals.

The isolation is from the unit under test (UUT) and enhances the protection of the equipment against harsh electrical environments. The digital isolation offered by the ScanTAP IsoPod protects boundary-scan controller hardware from ground potential differences that are often present in production floors and in other industrial environments.

The ground potential differences are especially harmful when using computer-powered USB-based test and measurement equipment where the computer and the target system are powered from different AC power line sources in a noisy industrial environment.

While the company's boundary-scan controllers are highly robust and reliable, its use is often extended to harsh environment conditions and where isolation is required between the boundary-scan controller and the target system. While electrical isolation often limits the performance of the equipment on both sides of the isolator, the ScanTAP IsoPod was designed for high speed, supporting test clocks with rates up to 45MHz. It is a drop-in replacement for most of the company's TAP cables as it utilizes the standard 20-pin universal Corelis TAP connector pinout and it eliminates signal stress that might be caused by ground loops or voltage/ground potential mismatches in the test setup.

Contact: Corelis Inc., 12607 Hiddencreek Way, Cerritos, CA 90703 562-926-6727 fax: 562-404-6196 Web:

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