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Publication Date: 02/1/2009
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ESL Now Offers Feeder Repair and Calibration
Benicia, CA — Equipment Services LLC now offers complete feeder calibration, repair and refurbishment services. As soon as the feeders are received, ESL carefully inspects them for missing, damaged or otherwise malfunctioning parts. Critical factors are tested — tape-guide condition, tape-leaf cover functionality, spring tension, clutch slippage and peel-back force, to make sure every part is working properly and is within factory-specified tolerances.

Before calibrating the feeders, they are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, following factory-recommended procedures.

Most standard OEM feeder calibration jigs allow only static calibration. ESL uses high-precision FeederMaster® calibration jigs, along with specially designed reels and master tapes, that enable calibrating the feeders dynamically while performing full functional testing, at machine speeds up to 30,000 cph. This ensures that the feeders will perform correctly not just on the test bench, but in actual production.

As a final step, the company affixes a service confirmation label, signed by the technician, onto each of the feeders. An identifying bar code on the label provides with full traceability of service details. This is all performed with fast turnaround, because malfunctioning feeders are a significant cause of lost production time and sometimes even costly machine damage.

Contact: Equipment Services, LLC, 4650 East Second Street, Suite C, Benicia, CA 94510 707-747-0200 fax: 707-747-0203 Web:

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