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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Aerotech: Integrated Laser Machining Platform

Pittsburgh, PA — Pneumatically actuated collet closer — the LaserTurn® 1 supports 0.1mm to 7.9mm OD materials with frictionless rotary union. The LaserTurn 1 is an integrated linear-rotary motion subsystem that combines automated material handling with high performance direct-drive linear and ...Read More
Ames Launches New Liquid Coating Capabilities

Hamburg, NJ — Ames Corporation is introducing its line of high-precision liquid coatings. Suitable for applying coatings to metal, elastomers, plastics, and aerospace composites, the new coating capabilities include non-electrostatic and electrostatic-based systems capable of applying a range from ...Read More
APS: Dual Cartridge for On-Demand Mix & Dispense

Peabody, MA — Adhesive Packaging Specialties offers dual cartridge for on-demand mixing and dispensing for two-component reactive adhesives, sealants and resins. The dual cartridges isolate two-resin components until needed. Mixing occurs as the materials are dispensed through motionless mixing nozzles ...Read More
Desco Intros Combo ESD Tester

Chino, CA — Desco has introduced a new Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester, the Combo Tester X3. Typical ESD test programs recommend that wrist straps and footwear such as heel straps and shoes should be tested daily. The Combo Tester X3 tests both types of personal grounding devices at the same time ...Read More
Dispense Works: Filling & Capping System

McHenry, IL — The Ring Dex filling and capping system, by Dispense Works, is suitable for processing small bottles, tubes and vials in a compact and affordable bench top package. It features a true file based control system requiring no PC for operation. Setup of fill volumes, capping torques and ...Read More
Electronic Interconnect Adds PC Fab Data Verification

Chicago, IL — Electronic Interconnect Technology (EI) now offers a full range of data verification services to its printed circuit board customers. Data verification of files ensures that problems in design are caught before the first prototypes are generated. According to the company, this is a ...Read More
Enthone Intros Organic Metal-based PWB Finish

West Haven, CT — Enthone Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, has introduced OrmeSTAR Ultra PWB final finish. The Organic Metal-based, nanofinish® technology consumes approximately 90 percent less energy and creates less waste versus elelectroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG) and other traditional metallic ...Read More
Express Manufacturing Inc. Opens New Facilities in China

Santa Ana, CA — Express Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) has opened new facilities in China. EAL Electronics Limited is based in Hong Kong. The 120,000-ft2 factory, located in Dong Guan, China, has been fully accredited by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. The assemblies are manufactured ... Read More
Fancort Intros Small Smart Presses

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort Industries has launched a line of economical, programmable electrically operated bench presses that use servomotors to control force, distance and speed. These presses are designed for critical assembly applications that cannot be done with air or hydraulic technology ...Read More
Hakko: 25th Anniversary Promotion

Valencia, CA — American Hakko is celebrating its 25 year anniversary with the SILVER LINING '09 promotion. The company is offering a buy 3 get 1 free deal. The company is offering 25 different Hakko products to choose from, including soldering, desoldering, hot air rework, fume extraction, and various ...Read More
Judco Intros Heat Shrink Processing Machine

Harbor City, CA — Designed to improve the speed and consistency of most heat-shrink operations, the Judco Focus-Lite G3 hand-held machine uses Halogen bulbs that target radiant energy to shrink heat shrink tubing on cable and harness assemblies. Most all types of heat shrink tubing will shrink ...Read More
Kinetic Systems Intros Vibration Isolating Workstation

Boston, MA — A new ultra-low-frequency Vibration-Isolation Workstation for lighter loads has been introduced by Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI). Designated the 2800 Series LLHP, this new workstation is designed to meet the exacting vibration-isolation requirements of sensitive equipment weighing in the ...Read More
Kwik Mark: Permanent ID & Reporting System

McHenry, IL — The Kwikmark dot peen marker is suitable for identifying firearms and their associated components. It features a true file-based control system requiring no PC for operation. Date coding and multiple level serializing are built into the system. System features network connectivity and ...Read More
Laird Intros Form-in-Place EMI Gasketing

St. Louis, MO — Laird Technologies, Inc. has introduced its new family of Form-In-Place gaskets: EMI SENTRY The new product line consists of four specially-designed, silicone-based pastes for dispensing onto a substrate: SNK55-RXP; SNK60-HXP; SNL60-RXP; and SNL70-HXP. The extremely fast handling ...Read More
Lord Develops One-Part Production Epoxy

Cary, NC — LORD Corporation has developed a new epoxy adhesive/sealant called Thermoset® MA-511. Developed for NXP Semiconductor, formerly Philips, the material is a one-component thixotropic epoxy material designed for use as either an adhesive or a sealant in microelectronic applications requiring high ...Read More
Magnet Wire Stripper from Eraser

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model DCFV1 Magnet and Enamel Wire Stripper will strip round magnet and enamel wires with any type of film insulation including Formvar, nylon, polythermaleze and varnish. The DCFV1 hand piece contains its own internal dust collection system which operates when the switch ...Read More
Menda: ESD-Safe Workstation Organizer

Chino, CA — The MENDA Assembly Workstation Organizer is designed to improve the appearance of the workstation and standardize the placement of tools. It can be used for a variety of items which are commonly used on the workstation, such as the company's dispensing bottles, wash bottles, brushes, ...Read More
Norplex-Micarta: Resins for Tough Environments

Postville, IA — Norplex-Micarta has introduced the NP193 series of materials for applications requiring excellent dimensional stability, high wear resistance, and superior mechanical strength. The new series includes four grades: NP193E, NP193M, NP193P, and NP193PM; all are available in sheet form ...Read More
OK Int'l Intros Next Gen Solder System

Garden Grove, CA — OK International's Metcal MX-5000 Soldering, Desoldering and Rework System is a new high-performance package for complex assembly challenges. Prioritizing high throughput and precision control, the easy-to-use MX-5000 combines increased power with SmartHeat® Technology to eliminate ...Read More
Remstar Shuttle VLM: Ergonomic and Storage Benefits

Westbrook, ME — The Remstar Shuttle® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) offers ergonomic benefits that can help electronic companies meet sustainable building design objectives by improving the comfort, safety and productivity of operators in automated storage and retrieval operations. It is an enclosed ...Read More
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