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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Resinlab Intros PCB Encapsulant

Germantown, WI — Resinlab has launched a new polyurethane encapsulant, UR3005, exhibiting very low moisture absorption and high elongation at low temperatures. The new material, a polybutadiene modified polyurethane, reportedly has excellent moisture resistance with water pickup of less than 1 percent during ...Read More
SemiProbe Expands Probe Product Family

Colchester, VT — SemiProbe has released its new programmable stage series for the flexible Probe System for Life (PS4L). With the addition of these stages, the PS4L is able to grow and transform as the user's needs and budget grow. According to the company, the patent pending PS4L family of probe ...Read More
Sonics Intros Ultrasonic HandHeld Welding System

Newtown, CT — Sonics and Materials, Inc.'s new 20 and 40kHz handheld ultrasonic plastics welding systems can be set to weld in digital time and/or constant energy modes, as well as continuous duty mode, for maximum control and versatility. Digital time controls range from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds and digital ...Read More
UV Spot Curing Wand System from LuminDynamics

Hawthorn Woods, IL — LuminDynamics, Inc.'s SunSpot-SM is a cost-effective, ultra-high output UV spot-cure wand system designed for 3mm to 8mm diameter spot exposure applications, as well as offering the capability of utilizing bifurcated and quad-pole light wands. The system generates up to 10W/cm ...Read More
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