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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Judco Intros Heat Shrink Processing Machine
Handheld heat-shrink tool.
Harbor City, CA — Designed to improve the speed and consistency of most heat-shrink operations, the Judco Focus-Lite G3 hand-held machine uses Halogen bulbs that target radiant energy to shrink heat shrink tubing on cable and harness assemblies. Most all types of heat shrink tubing will shrink in a fraction of the time needed with traditional heat guns and ovens.

Using standard Polyolefin, most diameters will shrink in two seconds or less. This same material can require an average of 12 seconds when using a heat gun and up to a full minute in some ovens. The FLG3 minimizes heat for the operator, reduces energy usage (instant on, no heat up time) and virtually eliminates burns.

The unit can be used as a benchtop machine with the included 360° mounting base for high-volume applications. It is also suitable for harness boards and other hard-to-reach applications where the small size and extreme portability are key. A custom molded high impact carrying case is included and houses the glare shield, foot pedal and instructional DVD.

The Focus-Lite line includes five benchtop models: Focus-Lite 10 (effective shrink zone of 1.0-in.), Focus-Lite 30 (effective shrink zone of 2.25-in.), Focus-Lite 80 (effective shrink zone of 8.0-in.) Focus-Lite 160 (a full 16-in. shrink zone) and Focus-Lite G2 (effective shrink zone of 3.0-in. with a diameter of 2-in.). All models come with a fully adjustable timer and dimmer switch to control the process and ensure a consistent and repeatable shrink operation.

Operator comfort, energy efficiency and safety were a priority during the design phase of this machine. It can be cycled on and off all day and still remain just warm to the touch. Other features include the use of long-life Quartz Halogen bulbs, minimal maintenance, indestructible build quality, multiple settings for high and low temperature tubing.

Contact: Judco Manufacturing, Inc., P.O. Box 487, Harbor City, CA 90710 310-534-0959 fax: 310-534-9420 Web:

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