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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Goepel Intros Boundary Scan Platform
Board Grabber JTAG test fixture.
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is introducing a series of universal board fixtures for its Boundary Scan hardware platform, Scanflex®. The new generation of fixtures is called Scanflex Board Grabber® and is comprised of three models in different sizes.

According to the company, complex boards present special difficulties in design verification while still in the development stage. The new Board Grabber not only solves this problem but offers the possibility of generating signal probing easily and reliably. The Board Grabber was specifically designed to support laboratory verification and zprogramming of prototypes. It is also applicable at repair stations, and includes a width-adapting fixture, which can hold PC boards of different sizes.

While the L-version can hold boards of 300 x 300mm, the XL-version allows dimensions of 495 x 340mm and the XXL-version dimensions of 555 x 440mm. An integral pivoting mechanism makes it possible to reach both the top and bottom of the board.

The product has pre-assembled interfaces for Scanlex TAP transceivers, which provide IEEE1149.x TAP signals along with analog and digital channels. Up to eight independent parallel TAP signals are supported.

Board contacts can be handled by clips, probes or precast connection cables, and the Board Grabber allows the use of up to 50 needle probes on each side of the board.

Contact: Goepel electronics LLC, 45209 Helm Street, Plymouth, MI 48170 408-691-4679 fax: 512-502-3076 Web: or Web:

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