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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Beckhoff Solutions for Solar Cell Production
Automation components for solar cell production.
Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Drive Technology, in combination with TwinCAT® Motion Control and EtherCAT®, offers the perfect solution for high-precision positioning requirements, such as during stringing, when the solar cells are soldered together and interconnected.

The company's PC- and Industrial Ethernet-based control technology for solar power production includes a universal automation and control platform for the entire spectrum of the photovoltaic industry.

The complex demands in the photovoltaic industry — from wafer production and processing, to solar cell manufacturing — require not only sophisticated control solutions for material handling, loading and unloading, transport, palletization and gluing, but also tightly networked manufacturing steps. The company's PC-based control technology, including ultra-fast communication via EtherCAT, optimally fulfills these demands for the best in automation for photovoltaic applications.

With high-performance Industrial PCs, EtherCAT I/O, a large number of fieldbus components, the latest servo drive technology and TwinCAT automation software, the company provides engineers with a universal and modular control concept that is well suited for every task in the creation of photovoltaic products. The scalability of hardware and software components from Beckhoff makes new tailor-made solutions possible, which can significantly reduce costs and help secure a competitive advantage when compared to applications with conventional controls.

EtherCAT, the ultra-fast Industrial Ethernet communication system, offers outstanding real-time performance and is well suited for use in the photovoltaic industry. EtherCAT demonstrates some of its many advantages in the classification of solar cells: flexible EtherCAT topology options permit the connection of up to 70 classification stations within a plant, each of which can be individually switched off without impairing the operation of the plant. The high speed communication between the I/O terminals and the controller — without special hardware — offers the machine manufacturer a wealth of possibilities: Motion Control with several axes that are synchronized through EtherCAT distributed clocks with nanosecond precision.

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