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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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KineticSystems Intros Compact PCI/PXI ADC Module
Boston, MA — KineticSystems has introduced its CompactPCI/PXI Bridge Signal Conditioning module with on-board Analog to Digital Converters. This single-width Compac tPCI/PXI module incorporates 8 signal conditioning channels and 8 independent 16-bit ADCs as well as 16 multi-function digital I/O channels. \par \According to the company, the new CP246 eliminates the need for complex field wiring. As a result, system noise is reduced and overall accuracy of the data measured is increased. Since the number of modules required in the system is also reduced, the size and number of chassis required is also minimized.

Installing the module is quick and easy, and plug and play drivers are available for configuring and using the device; application examples to illustrate its basic functionality are included. Application programming is also simplified, since all that is needed is to communicate with one API for all of the functionality of the module.

In addition, the CP246 includes a copy of SoftView, the company's powerful out-of-the-box solution for card identification, configuration and operation. SoftView also integrates the company's entire line of cPCI/PXI instruments under a single software package to allow multiple instruments to be managed simultaneously. Typical applications include rocket motor testing, structural testing, wind tunnel testing, fatigue testing, RTD temperature measurements, vibration and torque measurements, compression and tension measurements, weigh scales, automotive test cells, industrial monitoring and control, automated test equipment and general-purpose digital control or monitoring. The flexibility of the CP246 allows it to be used to measure data from different sensor inputs of various applications as the need arises. The bridge signal conditioning or the ADC functionalities can be used independently of one another, adding to the flexibility of the device.

Contact: Kinetic Systems, Inc., 20 Arboretum Rd., Boston, MA 02131 800-992-2884 or 617-522-8700 fax: 617-522-6323 E-mail: Web:

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