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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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HaydonKerk Intros Next Gen Linear Actuators
4th generation linear actuators.
Waterbury, CT — HaydonKerk Motion Solutions is introducing the G4 Canstack Linear Actuator product line, the 4th generation design built for extended reliability and high performance. The first actuator to be released in the line is the 25mm diameter size. This new design utilizes optimized teeth geometry along with high energy neodymium magnets.

The Haydon G4 linear actuator provides 20 percent higher output force across the entire speed range compared with previous designs; the G4 also contains the latest custom engineered plastic molded threads and an over-sized spline for a more robust and better life product. Another enhanced feature resulting in superior durability is the use of larger bearings for greater rotor support and higher axial load capability.

The overall enhancements of the G4 results in a precision linear actuator that is more robust and powerful than other comparable linear actuators.

According to the company, the G4 canstack provides exceptionally high torque-to-size ratios and is suitable for a variety of applications, including medical equipment, bar code scanning devices, printing equipment, laboratory instrumentation and other mechanisms requiring high force in a small package. There are 3 configurations available as with other Haydon stepper motor linear actuators; captive, non-captive, and external linear.

Contact: HaydonKerk, 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705 800-243-2715 or 203-756-7441 fax: 203-756-8724 E-mail: Web:

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