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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Sunburst EMS Building Unique Energy Product
West Bridgewater, MA — You've probably seen them in WW II movies, where patriots in the Philippines or other South Pacific locations behind enemy lines would power a clandestine radio transmitter by pedaling on a bicycle/electric generator. Fast forward more than 60 years and such a machine is now part of something called the "Green Revolution" and it is coming to Sunburst EMS, which now has a contract to build unique new clean energy generators for Connecticut-based innovator, The Green Revolution, Inc.

The "Green Revolution" machine is essentially an electricity-generating unit that allows people to create clean, renewable electricity whenever they exercise at a Green Revolution-equipped health club. The device attaches to a stationary exercise bike used in indoor cycling classes and employs pedal power to generate electricity, converting pedal-pushing human effort into clean electrical energy. The power that is generated by the exercisers is immediately available to the health club's electrical system. The product uses a grid-tied inverter to convert and deliver usable electricity.

Sunburst EMS will manufacture not only the electrical modules and circuitry but will also provide "Complete Order Fulfillment". This is a build-to-order system that includes: turnkey supply chain management, the manufacture of electromechanical subassemblies, final product assembly, 100 percent functional test of the system, packaging and shipment directly to the end user. Sunburst also provides warehousing, stocking finished goods inventory. Upon receipt of an order, the company will assemble, package and ship completed units to Green Revolution's customers directly from the dedicated manufacturing cell. All products are bar coded and lot tracked which is useful as depot repair and reverse logistics will also be handled by Sunburst through this cell.

Sunburst EMS has created a dedicated manufacturing cell within its facility to manufacture the multi-component product. The dedicated cell allows the company to maintain quality and on-time shipping for this customer as it dedicates highly trained resources to that product within the cell. But it also ties in directly with the unique setup of Green Revolution, whereby they outfit individual health clubs with their product. Sunburst has a vertically integrated cable/harness shop which will produce custom wiring configurations suited specifically to the needs of each individual gym, allowing the company to ship custom configured products directly to the respective clubs and serving as their service and repair depot as well.

Contact: Sunburst EMS, 70 Pleasant Street, West Bridgewater, MA 02379 508-580-1881 fax: 508-586-4516 Web:

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