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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Acculogic Intros IEEE1149.6 Support
Markham, ON, Canada — Acculogic Manufacturing Test Systems Division has introduced its latest release of ScanNavigator software that offers full support for IEEE1149.6, an extension to IEEE1149.1 standard. The software is a suite of powerful tools for boundary-scan testing and programming based on the original JTAG standard, IEEE 1149.1. Now it has been extended to support the latest boundary-scan technology for the testing of high-speed buses and interfaces such as LVDS, Fiber Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet.

Neither IEEE Standard 1149.1 nor IEEE Standard 1149.4 provides an effective and simple testing protocol with adequate fault coverage for high-speed serial communication interconnects. A few successful techniques have been developed for testing these applications, however, they can only be used in particular cases.

The IEEE Standard 1149.6 has been developed to allow testing high-speed AC coupled interconnects on a PC board. This Standard is built on IEEE Standard 1149.1, using the same test access port interface of four (or five) pins, the TAP controller, and a boundary scan register.

The ScanNavigator Integrated Boundary Scan Test and Programming Environment consists of test, programming, and run-time modules that utilize Microsoft's .NET technology and XML to simplify test generation, increase productivity, and allow full integration of test data, programming information, and diagnostic databases with Acculogic's testability and coverage analysis tools. Based on the premise that all boundary scan test and on-board programming activities rely on a number of common data preparation steps, ScanNavigator architecture is optimized for data sharing and portability to reduce development time and increase data reuse.

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