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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Austin American Intros In-line Cleaner
Burnet, TX — Austin American Technology is introducing the new HydroJet Solar, high speed, in-line aqueous cleaning system designed for solar panel manufacturing. The new system is designed to remove manufacturing residues such as sand blast media, cuttings, water soluble residue or other loose debris from panels up to 24 x 48-in. using water, and doing so without damaging sensitive thin materials on the glass.

The unit uses a powerful, closed loop, high top and bottom wash stage with inline 10µ fluid filtration. The wash section utilizes a 7.5 HP seal-less pump and a 70-gallon tank with optional heat or chemical metering. The wash is followed with a Jet-stripper to remove washing fluids and return them to the impingement wash tank. A high impact rinse and a final tap, RO or DI clean rinse completes the rinsing process. The rinse can be closed-looped at the machine with an ion exchange column. To complete the process, the company's patented high speed dryer removes water quickly without heat or evaporation using high velocity air filtered to less than one micron.

Computer modeled fluid dynamics design enables process conveyor speeds of up to 8-ft./min yielding process times of less than two minutes. This is accomplished in a compact 5 x 15-ft. (1.5 x 4.5 meter) footprint. The body is constructed of durable high density polypropylene.

The conveyor is designed for minimal bottom contact and comes with a standard SMEMA automation protocol package with sensors. An internal lighting package completes the esthetics of a well designed production tool.

Contact: Austin American Technology Corp., 401 Industrial Blvd., Burnet TX 78611 512-756-4150 fax: 512-756-5150 E-mail: Web:

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