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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Goepel: In-System Emulation Technology

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has developed a dedicated model library for the XScale processors PXA2xx and PXA3xx that supports the innovative emulation technology VarioTAP®. The libraries, described as VarioTAP models, are structured modularly as intelligent IP and enable a complete fusion of Boundary ...Read More
Heidenhain: New Option Increases CNC Accuracy

Schaumburg, IL — Heidenhain Corp. is now offering a new option for its already versatile iTNC 530 contouring control, which makes possible the automatic measurement of a machine rotary axis. Called KinematicsOpt, this new software option, coupled with the company's mounted touch probe into the CNC ...Read More
Huntron Intros Automated Near Field Signature Analysis

Mill Creek, WA — Huntron Workstation Software and the new Test Evolution (TEV) Non-Contact RF Near Field Probe combine local synthetic measurement technology including the sensor, receiver and signal processing in one compact RF probe assembly, while allowing sensing EM fields from RF circuitry. ...Read More
Machine Vision Products Intros New AOI

Carlsbad, CA — Machine Vision Products has introduced the new Supra-E AOI system, reportedly providing a high performance solution at a highly competitive price point. Combined with the ease-of-use wizard, iPro, the Supra-E is expected to provide cost-effective, performance-driven AOI.Read More
Manncorp's Reballing/Prebumping Station Brings Reconditioning In-House

Willow Grove, PA — Assemblers who require reconditioning of BGAs and CSPs now have a single source — not only for the equipment, but for frames, masks and accessories — to enable bringing this task in-house. Read More
Matrox Updates Smart Camera Software

Montreal, QC — Matrox Imaging's Design Assistant is the intuitive, flowchart-based development software bundled with the company's Iris GT smart camera. The new software version 2.1 introduces an emulation mode that allows users to explore the software's environment without the camera.Read More
Metris Intros Articulated Arms for Handheld Scanning

Leuven, Belgium — Metris has introduced its new 7-axis MCA v2.5 range of articulated arms with a measurement volume between 2.4 and 3.6m diameter. Battery operation and wireless data communication enable users to quickly set up the portable system and efficiently utilize it at any location. MCA is ...Read More
MicroScreen: Cost-Busting Stencil Frame System

South Bend, IN — MicroScreen is offering the Wizard Frame System in 20 X 20-in. and 29 x 29-in. The Wizard consists of two parts: a lightweight, aluminum frame that pneumatically tightens the foil in four directions and a plastic carrier which holds the foil. Read More
Multi-Seals Now Offers Sealing Services

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals, Inc. now offers services to seal, bond, or pot electromechanical components with Uni-form epoxy preforms and Poly-form flexible adhesives. These adhesives are selected or designed in pre-shaped configurations that are best suited for specific ...Read More
New Rental Service from I&J Fisnar.

Fair Lawn, NJ — I&J Fisnar, Inc. is introducing a new rental service for all of its robot systems. "This new service will allow companies that have an urgent need for automation, but no short-term capital expenditure plans, the ability to acquire a much-needed production tool that they may not have ...Read More
New Vertical Hand-Held Fluid Valves from Sealant Equipment

Plymouth, MI — Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s new 1270-857 Series Pneumatic Vertical Handle mounted Kiss dispense valves is suitable for dispensing low- to high-viscosity 1-component adhesives, sealants and lubricant materials. The manual valve is used in repetitive fluid dispensing ...Read More
OCI to Provide Ceramic Dispensing Nozzle Expertise

Irvine, CA — Orange County Instruments (OCI) is a new company, formed to provide small tooling for the Pharmaceutical and electronic assembly industries. OCI's founders are Eji Ito, a longtime industry insider in Japan and the U.S., and Frank Murch, electronics industry veteran with Asymtek, Heraeus and Universal ...Read More
Pillarhouse: Entry-Level Selective Soldering System

Widford, U.K. — Pillarhouse has introduced a selective soldering sytem called Jade-HANDEX, that has been designed to meet the needs of lean manufacturing. The new entry is described as offering high speed flexible throughput at minimal cost. It can hold a PC board of up to 457 x 508mm (18 x 20-in ...Read More
Pinpoint Introduces Microgage "Disk" Receiver

Peabody, MA — Pinpoint Laser Systems is adding to its Microgage 2D family of receiver products, which can be used for aligning production machinery and equipment. The "Transparent" Receiver, which allows a laser beam to pass clearly through it while making a precise position measurement for aligning ...Read More
QC: Versatile High Performance Conveyors

Cincinnati, OH — QC Industries is introducing its new Automation Series AS40 and AS65 low profile belt conveyors. The conveyors offer high speeds with a single-piece extruded aluminum frame and provide for easy belt changes, unusual rotatable drives and a movable center drive designed for maximum ...Read More
Rehm Oven Reflows Pb and Pb-Free Simultaneously

Blauberen, Germany — Rehm Thermal Systems' Dual Lane Vision X Series convection soldering system enables simultaneous lead-rich and lead-free reflow soldering in a single system. The technology is suitable for manufacturers who need to run parallel processes conveniently and cost-effectively.Read More
Remstar Consolidation Flow Rack System Improves Efficiency

Westbrook, ME — The consolidation flow rack system from Remstar is a fast, easy, and economical approach to improving throughput in electronic order consolidation operations. Improved throughput in consolidation operations becomes necessary when an organization's order volume, SKU count, number of ...Read More
Rogers Releases New Hi Freq Laminates

Rogers, CT — Rogers Corp.'s Advanced Circuit Materials Division's RO4000, RO2808 and ULTRALAM 3000 laminates provide proven solutions for a wide range of applications such as high-performance chip carrier substrate, high-speed network transport gear and high-speed data transmission used in high-speed ...Read More
Samsung Adds New Screen Printer

Edgewood, NY — Samsung/Dynatech has added the SMP200 Screen Printer to its productivity lineup. The three-sigma printer joins the company's SM Series of products that includes the SM411 Dynamic Chip Shooter and SM421 Advanced Flexible Mounter with STF100S Zero-Impact Side Tray Feeder. Read More
Schleuniger Intros Transfer System for Cable Processing

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger has introduced its TransferModule 6000 cable assembly automation system. This system can produce cable assemblies for typical applications including coaxial, flat and round multi-conductor, and zipcord cable assemblies for many different markets.Read More
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