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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Marantz Intros Powerful AOI Software
AOI system gets new software.
Eindhoven, Netherlands — Marantz Business Electronics has launched a powerful new four-dimensional AOI process control system. The Catch System can network multiple Marantz AOI machines into a completely closed loop process monitoring and quality control system optimized for each user's workflow and internal organization.

The Catch System offers the special advantage of utilizing an especially competitive open source SQL database capable of managing huge data quantity, multiple users and numerous machines. In addition to the SQL-based network control center module, the Catch System comprises three additional modules which each manage a particular component of the workflow and connect to the physical and administrative layout of the factory.

CS Repair provides a completely paperless system of defect classification and repair, working from three process operational variations and including full bar code control with multi-panel bar coding. The system enables the user to observe the process from either a remote location or a factory display, providing real-time process control with alarms for critical parameters. The fourth module, CS Analyzer, delivers SPC Track and Trace and end of batch performance analysis. Spot causes of defects on the same PC board are derived by collecting data from sequential inspections, offering optimal traceability.

Contact: Marantz Business Electronics Europe, Beemdstraat 11, 5653 MA Eindhoven, Netherlands +31 40 2507870 fax: +31 40 2507840 E-mail: Web:

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