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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Compact Safety Laser Scanner from Keyence
Safety laser scanner.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ — The New Keyence SZ Series, Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner, allows users to configure protection areas anywhere, even in complex-shaped zones and dangerous areas. Its compact body and light weight help facilitate installation and save space without compromising quality or detection range. Despite its compact size, the SZ Series can create a protection zone up to 4.2m (13.77-ft.) with a warning zone area projecting as far as 10m (32.80-ft.) from the scanner.

The unit's non-contact detection and extreme versatility eliminates the need to stock different size safety mats, as well as protecting it from possible damage due to falling objects or vehicle traffic. Up to 48 zones (16 protection zones and 32 warning zones) can be easily configured and modified with a PC during workspace setup or layout changes.

Vertical guarding or access protection can be performed with side-mounted installation, significantly reducing labor related to beam axis adjustment or wiring. A variety of mounting brackets are available to help reduce installation time for any setup, whether vertical or horizontal.

The built-in Muting function lets the scanner ignore certain areas of the protection zone to allow for passage of targets. Unlike light curtain muting, scanner muting results in a much tighter protection zone, minimizing dead zones around passing targets. The Reference Point Monitoring function maintains safe conditions even in the event of an unexpected misalignment of either the SZ scanner itself or the objects within its scanning area. These reference points can be easily set up with the user-friendly SZ Configurator software. The SZ safety laser scanner can be mounted on an automated guide vehicle (AGV). When utilized with AGV's the following three scanning area settings: Slow Area, Stop Area, and Emergency Stop Area, can be incorporated into the setup. Users can configure up to 16 different zone sets for each unique slow, stop, and emergency stop area settings totaling up to 48 zones.

The SZ Series ensures reliable detection of any target regardless of its color or surface finish. Even matte black targets can be detected, thus eliminating the need to worry about dark colored work clothes affecting its performance.

Contact: Keyence Corporation of America, 50 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 888-539-3623 ext 70703 fax: 201-930-1883 E-mail: Web:

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