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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Creform Intros Communications Center Kiosk
Versatile mobile communications center.
Greer, SC — A new, high-capacity information kiosk for the production floor has been introduced by Creform — in recognition of the fact that there are times when nothing can beat the immediacy and impact of a notice posted in plain view for all to see.

The new message kiosks can be easily customized to adapt to changing needs, while displaying a large amount of information. Its hexagonally shaped structure of rugged plastic coated steel pipe and metal joint construction is eminently suitable for use in an industrial environment.

The unit is designed to look good; it is versatile enough to be used anywhere in the facility while enhancing the company's image. The company's Creform's standard components in sleek black supply a clean, professional look with a variety of different pipe and panel colors available should the customer wish to change the esthetics in the future. Because of the system's inherent flexibility, the unit can be easily repaired if it is damaged, rather than having to replace the entire structure.

The unit can display a large amount of information in multiple formats, a task at which the new design excels. The Hexagonal Communications Center is 82-in. tall with six 14-in.-wide sides, giving it plenty of display space. Each of the six sides has a framed plastic panel designed to accept standard-size sheet holders, with room for four or five of them on each of the six sides. Along with the solid plastic panels, the Communication Center's sides can use alternatives such as metal sheets, white boards, cork panels or Plexiglas®, making it suitable for high impact display of multiple types of information, such as work instructions, key business metrics, housekeeping information, HR postings, ISO procedures, and safety bulletins. The kiosk can also have one or more hinged sides to access interior storage of information supplies, first aid kits, safety equipment, and cleaning supplies. Adding to its versatility is the fact that the Communications Center is supported by six swivel casters, making it highly mobile, with three of the wheels equipped with locks to hold the structure securely in place.

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