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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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DRS: Rugged Mobile Industrial Computer
Ruggedized industrial notebook computer.
Melbourne, FL — The ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC from DRS Tactical Systems, Inc., incorporates an aluminum chassis and ShutOut sealing technology that meets IP 66 level protection from dust and water. Available in both touch screen and passive pen versions, the 10.4-in. monitor provides enhanced indoor and outdoor viewability — even in direct sunlight.

A growing number of manufacturers and other heavy industrial companies are combining advanced process management software, wireless connectivity and rugged mobile computers to achieve unprecedented control and efficiency. That's why Wonderware, preloads its applications on the ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC. Software running on rugged mobile computers enables operators to collect data on non-instrumented machinery and to receive information and guidance based on conditions encountered in the field.

Rugged field operations are possible only if the computers are able to stand up to harsh work environments over the long term. According to the company, resistance to water and dust is important to such users. People who are out in the field know the unit will get banged or dropped. They want something they can take out there with them that's not going to fail.

Wonderware anticipates a continued migration to wireless mobile computing that enables manufacturers to better manage their processes and procedures.

Contact: DRS Tactical Systems, Inc., 1110 West Hibiscus Boulevard, Melbourne, FL 32901 888-872-1100 or 321-727-3672 fax: 321-725-0496 Web:

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