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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Ink Jet Academy in Maine
Carrabassett Valley, ME — Ink Jet Technology is being used, evaluated and tested for numerous new applications such as printed electronics, sensors, solar cells, displays, product decoration, digital fabrication, packaging, biological dispensing, graphic arts, textiles and many others.

The key to successful ink jet implementation is to understand the fundamentals and details of ink jet technology. This understanding is a prerequisite to any development activity. From printhead selection to understanding substrate interactions to ink formulation criteria necessary to provide suitable drying, adhesion, material properties, etc. { } a detailed understanding of the technology is critical. And other than expensive and time consuming trial and error, there are very limited opportunities to gain this necessary and critical information.

One cost-effective option is coming soon at IMI's Digital Printing Summer Camp 2009 being held at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, Carrabassett Valley, Maine. The courses being offered are: Ink Jet Academy: Theory of Ink Jet Technology — July 27-28, led by Dr. Alan Hudd of Xennia Technology and Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources; Digital Printing Markets — July 27-28,led by Marco Boer of I.T. Strategies, Don Franz of Photofinishing News, Robert Palmer of InfoTrends and John Shane of InfoTrends; Ink Jet Ink Manufacturing — July 29-30, led by Dr. Alan Hudd of Xennia Technology and Dr. Natasha Jeremic of Xennia Technology; Surface Tension, Wetting and Capillarity — July 29-30, led by Professor Avi Marvur of Technion, Technical Institute of Israel; Color and Color Management — July 30-31, led by Dr. Gabriel Marcu of Apple Inc.; Managing Product Development for Value — July 30-31, led by George Gibson of Xerox.

Each course has been prepared and is presented by internationally acknowledged and experienced leaders in their fields. These timely courses provide the latest information and insights that simply are not available from any other source. There is simply no better information available.

For example, The Ink Jet Academy: Theory of Ink Jet Technology led by Dr. Alan Hudd of Xennia Technology and Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources offers a 1-1/2 day course covering the basic theory of all the diverse types of ink jet technology in use today. Learn how the printheads work, what materials are used in their fabrication and the theory of operation. Learn about inks and media used, how they are formulated and the supply and support systems used. To date, over 2000 have attended this course.

Participation in one or more of these courses can potentially save you many man-months of searching, experimenting, testing and otherwise evaluating options for your development and application efforts. Learning the principles of such things as color and color management, surface tension, ink design and manufacturing protocols plus learning how to effectively manage your product development efforts could provide a real advantage in successful product development and implementation.

As we all know, digital printing technologies — particularly ink jet — are becoming more widely developed and utilized for a wide range of graphics printing, manufacturing, dispensing and other applications. In these difficult economic times, digital printing technologies offer unique advantages for end users to reduce costs by personalizing products, producing on-demand to lower inventory costs and waste, provide added value. Technology advances are opening up entirely new applications and markets. IMI's Digital Printing Summer Camp 2009 courses are focused on key topics essential in the development and implementation of products in the rapidly evolving digital printing industry. These courses offer an excellent opportunity to be sure you and your staff are up to speed on key subjects critical to digital printing market success.

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