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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Metris Intros Hi-Power Micro-Focus CT X-Ray System
X-ray CT system for examining large parts.
Brighton, MI — Metris is introducing what it calls a revolutionary high-power 450kV micro-focus X-ray/CT system for full insight inspection of turbine blades, castings and other dense objects. Its 450kV micro-focus source combined with the newly developed Curved Linear Array (CLA) detector maximizes the detection of X-ray flux resulting in 25µ accuracy and repeatability.

Through automated inspection and high-speed CT reconstruction, blade manufacturers run detailed CT inspection of lightweight turbine blades to optimize the fuel economy of jet engines, contributing to a greener environment.

At the core of this powerful equipment is a 450kV/1200W micro-focus source, the only micro-focus X-ray source at this energy, level, delivering focal spot size up to 25µ. As this micro-focus spot size is considerably smaller than existing mini-focus sources, the level of detail that it captures is beyond comparison. The company's proprietary 450kV source offers sufficient X-ray power to penetrate dense specimens, such as turbine blades and cast engine parts. In order to reduce the through-life cost of the X-ray source, Metris uses open-tube source technology in its CT systems. With this open-tube technology, the replacement of the X-ray filament is straightforward, and the cost of the filaments used is low, compared to the costly exchange of an entire closed-source tube every few years.

When X-rays hit an object, they are absorbed but also scattered, an undesired phenomenon that intensifies with the density of the part. Scatter coming from all points of the part reduces image contrast sensitivity, as is visible on flat panel images. The newly developed detector uses a Curved Linear Array (CLA) of diodes optimizes the collection of the X-rays that travel through the part, without capturing the scattered X-rays. By avoiding image pollution and associated contrast reduction, CLA realizes excellent image sharpness and contrast.

The linear array of diodes is curved to further enhance image quality by keeping the X-ray path length to diode receptors constant compared to straight arrays. This allows longer crystals to be used to enhance the X-ray sensitivity and hence boost the signal-to-noise ratio.

Contact: Metris USA, Inc., 12701 Grand River, Brighton, MI 48116 810-220-4360 fax: 810-220-4300 Web:

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