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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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SPEA: Complete Automated MEMS Test Cell
Automated MEMS test cell.
Volpiano, Italy — SPEA is presenting its innovative test cell solutions for the full range of MEMS devices, such as 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones, pressure sensors and magnetometers.

The test cell integrates numerous elements, all designed and manufactured by SPEA: high-throughput pick and place test handler; high-performance test system; stimulus units; socket units and loadboards; and operating system and test program.

The high-throughput pick-and-place test handler (12,500 UPH) has been specifically designed to perform gentle, fully automated tray-to-tray or tray-to-reel handling of MEMS devices without applying extra-force to the component.

The high-performance test system performs parametric and functional test, with Per-Pin instrumentation and programmable logic units. The system has 88 universal slots for up to 2048 analog/digital channels and instruments.

Stimulus units apply all the physical stimuli required for functional test — acceleration, angular stimuli, vibration, acoustic stimuli, temperature, pressure, magnetic field — while properly insulating devices from the environment.

Socket units and loadboards have been designed for positioning and contacting the devices without applying forces that would affect their mechanical behavior.

The operating system and test program, provide a special software environment for test cell management and automatic source code generation for the test program.

This single-vendor, comprehensive test cell represents a turnkey solution, able to perform in a single step all the operations required to verify both electrical parameters and mechanical functionalities for engineering, verification or final test of MEMS devices.

High productivity is the key concept of the test cell, which integrates handling, contacting, testing and physical stimulus in a single unit. This enables MEMS suppliers to cut test cost per device and to address increasingly pressing market requests.

Contact: SPEA America, 2609 S SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701 903-595-4433 fax: 903-595-5003 E-mail: Web:

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