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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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IRphotonics Aces Field Trial for IR Spot Curing System
Hamden, CT — IRphotonics has just finished a successful field trial with ITF Labs for its iCure Infrared spot curing system.

The field trial was conducted with adhesive 353ND on an optoelectronics device where localized curing must be achieved without heating adjacent components.

IRphotonics' iCure AS200 is a new inline fiber optic system that provides heat by Infrared radiation in a portable unit, to deliver faster and stronger cures than traditional methods. Using infrared light to generate heat, the thermal spot curing system is tailor-made for automated manufacturing processes requiring rapid adhesive curing and localized heating of bonded assemblies.

The iCure AS200 system provides 200W lamp with up to 80W/cm2; reduces curing time by over 75 percent; wide, state-of-the-art touch screen with intuitive graphical user interface. It can be used as benchtop or rackmount (self-orienting display) system, and its SmartSense system monitoring extends lamp life and performance.

Applications include: spot curing of thermal epoxies; bonding and fixing of plastic and glass components; fixing of lenses; temporary fixing of miniature components; precision assembly and bonding of semiconductor components; focused energy for micro soldering; localized heat welding of thermoplastics.

Contact: IRphotonics, 7 Cobblestone Drive Hamden, CT 06518 877-340-6982 or 514-345-6982 fax: 877-222-5210 E-mail: sales@irphotonics.com Web:

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