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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Schleuniger Launches New Service Products
Manchester, NH — Schleuniger is offering high quality customer support throughout the entire life cycle of its machines. New standardized service products include investment and pre-sales support, commissioning at the customer site, preventive maintenance and extended warranty, and new options for repair services.

Regular preventive maintenance and inspection extend the life cycle and ensure high quality processing results during production. Globally standardized checklists guarantee consistent quality and scope of preventive maintenance, making the product transparent to customers. The service includes cleaning, lubrication, calibration, exchange of the most important wearable items, and software upgrading.

The engineer then discusses potential repair risks and recommends preliminary activities or measures to optimize production. Exchanged parts such as blades, belts, or filters can be purchased at a discount as part of the preventive maintenance package with the newly offered consumable kits.

Also being offered are a Documentation and Self-Service program. The primary goal is to provide tools for the customer to fix problems and find the answers to most questions without external help. The company supports customers with detailed operating manuals and an online FAQ section at A new maintenance kit can be stocked close to the machine. All wearable items and tools for basic maintenance activities are included. The kit is offered at a discount together with a machine purchase or a preventive maintenance program.

Hotline and e-mail Support: Highly qualified machine experts answer questions and describe necessary measures. The company has created a knowledge database and ticketing system to ensure fast response even with complex and rare issues. That way, 80 percent of all cases can be solved in an easy, quick and cost-effective manner.

In-House and On-Site Repair Service: If professional repair service is needed, the company offers fast and convenient assistance — in-house at Schleuniger locations or on-site at the customer plant. In an effort to minimize the time in which the customer is without the machine, the company offers a Call Ahead Service scheduling repair cases in queues and notifying the customer to ship when the machine is next in line.

Contact: Schleuniger, 87 Colin Dr., Manchester, NH 03103 603-668-8117 fax: 603-668-8119 Web:

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