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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Do You Send Us Press Releases?
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
Different businesses respond differently to difficult economic situations. Today's down economy means that fewer companies advertise in print, and that means our total pages are down dramatically from a year ago.

We're not the only publication feeling the pinch. Several large cities have already lost at least one of their daily newspapers, and even the stalwart Christian Science Monitor has gone from publishing a daily to becoming a weekly.

In our own industry we have noticed another trend: as advertising revenues have gone down, we are beginning to see press releases from companies that never sent them out before. We'd love to be able to use them all, but with fewer pages in the publication, we have less space to run "free" editorial. Print publications simply can't survive without paid advertising. In this poor economy, folding is a very real and present danger. And if the print edition folds, then where do we put all those nice press releases?

It's high time to rethink marketing strategies; and one that is fairly obvious right now is that a print ad will command more attention now that U.S. Tech has fewer pages with ads to compete with your company's own message. So you not only get more bang for the buck, you continue to support an important vehicle for your free publicity.

At the same time, when you send your press releases, please try to make them a little more publisher-friendly. Please send the release in a Word file, not an often-difficult-to-use PDF format. And attach a separate JPG file with the photo. Don't make us scramble to find "downloadable links" or send e-mails requesting the publicity photo you should have sent in the first place. And please, please, please, include your company's mailing address, phone number, fax, e-mail for inquiries and web address in the body of the press release. Don't make it so hard for us to use your material. Since our space is so limited, it just might not get used.  

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