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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Kepco Intros Bipolar Power Supplies

Flushing, NY — Kepco is introducing 200 and 400 Watt BOP (Bipolar Operational Power Supply) models optimized for driving inductive loads. The modified BOP units are designed to operate in a stable manner in Current or Current Limit Mode for loads up to 1 Henry. They are also stable with any R-L series ...Read More
Nextreme Cools with TEC Eval Kit

Durham, NC — Nextreme Thermal Solutions has developed an easy-to-use, self-contained platform for conducting desktop demonstrations of its thermoelectric cooling technology. The eTEC Thermoelectric Cooling Evaluation Kit contains a single UPF40 thermoelectric module, an air-tight cooling environment ...Read More
NKK Adds Illuminated Outer Ring Option

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has expanded its YB2 Series of illuminated 22mm pushbuttons to include an outer ring illumination option. This new feature gives design engineers even greater ability to customize the switches that they include in their designs. Read More
Phoenix Contact: Industrial-Rated Ethernet Security

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact is introducing the FL mGuard series of industrial-rated security devices. The new products provide stateful firewall, router and VPN functionalities in a single, rugged device. The line is available in two hardware styles for industrial Ethernet: the FL mGuard RS ...Read More
Saelig Intros Low Cost, Low Power Network Design Platforms

Pittsford, NY — Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced ARM7-based Model DS2148WZ and Spartan-3AN FPGA-based Model DSX50WZ — two powerful new, low-cost, low-power design and development platforms for embedded and network-oriented applications. Read More
Samtec Expands Rugged Edge Rate Interface Family

New Albany, IN — Samtec has expanded its Edge Rate product line with the addition of 0.8mm (0.0315-in.) pitch Right Angle and Edge Mount connector strips for perpendicular and co-planar applications. These systems incorporate the company's rugged Edge Rate contacts which minimize broadside coupling ...Read More
SynQor Develops First Extended Input Range MIL DC/DC Converters

Boxborough, MA — SynQor has added a new product family to its portfolio of Hi-Rel DC/DC converters, the MQFL-28E series. Incorporating the company's field-proven high-efficiency synchronous rectifier technology, this advancement results in the only wide range input DC/DC converters developed specifically ...Read More
TDK Develops Soft Termination Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Mount Prospect, IL — TDK Corporation has developed soft termination MLCC capacitors that offer greatly improved thermal and mechanical robustness. Standard MLCC applications have been susceptible to cracking due to thermal shock and temperature cycling. Mechanical shock and board flexure have also ...Read More
Label Printer from Tharo Works with Keyboard

Brunswick, OH — Tharo Systems, Inc. has introduced a new standalone label printing station that, once label formats are downloaded from a computer, can be remotely operated and perform many software functions using a keyboard with no computer attached. These new thermal/thermal transfer label printers ...Read More
Ultravolt Unveils Mini Power Supplies

Ronkonkoma, NY — UltraVolt, Inc. has introduced the first two lines of its new microsize/micropower product offering, the XS Series and the US Series. The two new lines represent power supplies unlike anything...
Read More
Superior Electric Intros New AC Regulator Line

Farmington, CT — Superior Electric has introduced a new product line of STABILINE® AC Automatic Voltage Regulators to its comprehensive family of power quality solutions. The new BVR Series Voltage Regulators are well suited for mission-critical and entire facility protection from voltage sags ...Read More
Prem Introduces Newest Interchangeable Power Transformers

Johnsburg, IL — A new series of International printed circuit power transformers has been introduced by Prem Magnetics, Inc. Designated the SPW-3620 series, this new line of transformers has the same pin-out pattern and phasing as the company's (and its competitors') SPW-620-D series. This newest ...Read More
Mini Piezo Motor Demo Kit from PI

Auburn, MA — PI's patented P-653 piezo motor linear slide is smaller than other miniature linear stages and provides significantly higher velocities and resolution.
The ceramic miniature motors are available in a Developer's Kit which plugs into a USB port and comes with control software. This is a true linear motor slide; there are no rotary...Read More
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