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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Instek Launches New Oscilloscope Series
Digital storage oscilloscope.
Chino, CA — Instek American Corp. is introducing its newest feature-rich and affordable digital storage oscilloscope, the GDS-1000A series. The new instrument provides 1GSa/s sampling and 2M point memory as the steering engine of its extraordinary performance. The family of three 'scopes includes instruments providing 60MHz, 100MHz, and 150MHz bandwidth respectively.

With the increasing complexity of signals, the traditional digital storage oscilloscope does not have the capability of displaying an input signal completely and comparing the relative relationship between signals due to the memory constraints. In order to display a signal completely on a traditional digital oscilloscope, the resolution must be reduced accordingly. A higher sampling rate compounds the problem, since this reduces the length of time that a signal can be displayed or stored.

The GDS-1000A employs MemoryPrime Technology, which overcomes the problems associated with memory constraints. Unlike traditional DSOs, high sample rates for GDS-1000A now can be maintained over longer periods of time, without affecting its performance. The instrument has a 5.6-in. color TFT high resolution display, SD memory card support, user-friendly multi-language interface, and USB remote control. In addition, it is a new member of the company's Lifetime Warranty program.

Contact: Instek America Corp., 3661 Walnut Avenue, Chino, CA 91710 909-591-8358 fax: 909-591-2280 E-mail: Web:

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