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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Photo Stencil Intros Stencil Support System
Colorado Springs, CO — Photo Stencil is introducing its Integrated Process and Stencil Support System. The iPASS System is an integrated combination of product breadth, design services, and process management that is specifically targeted at reducing defects and lean manufacturing principles.

Industry data shows that 84 percent of SMT defects originate in the print process, and 62 percent of those defects can be traced to the stencil. To reduce this critical defect rate, the company has developed the iPASS System with the specific goals of providing up-front design for manufacturability support; offering a broad spectrum of stencil technology and related tooling to accommodate various production demands; and providing comprehensive process management to ensure quality, on-time delivery, and product uniformity on a global basis.

The three-pronged approach of the iPASS System starts with a comprehensive product offering of stencils, screens, blades, and related tooling. The design aspect of iPASS provides CAD services including design review and check plots, design library standardization and management, and weekly reporting. iPASS process management includes training, managed product rollout, order confirmation and on-time delivery, and data reporting, all integrated within an ISO 9001:2000 framework.

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