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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Goepel Intros Automated JTAG Program Generator
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic GmbH has introduced a fully automatic program generator designed specifically for the dynamic test of on-board system bus structures in the context of the SYSTEM CASCON Boundary Scan software platform.

The newly developed tools are based on the innovative VarioTAP® technology for functional emulation tests and for the first time enable a complete automation of test vector generation, as well as for the error diagnostics.

The core element of the new solution is an Automatic VarioTAP test program generator (AVTG) for bus devices. It is fully integrated in SYSTEM CASCON, and therefore uses the same project database as the existing Boundary Scan modules.

The AVTG recognizes the structural relations between the processor and the connected bus components and generates structural test vectors, which are later attached to the target as emulation tests in real time. This enables the dynamic test of resources connected to the processor, such as communication interfaces, CTC, bus bridge, digital I/O, analog I/O, and displays, with deterministic fault coverage.

The AVTG for bus devices complements already existing VarioTAP tools for testing dynamic/static storage and programming embedded and external Flash. It accesses extensive circuit libraries, as well as VarioTAP models of the target processor, which include all functions for handling a processor for emulation tests or flash programming. While these models depend on the target processor, the libraries for bus devices are processor-independent and completely portable to other projects.

Test program generation is based on CASLAN (native CASCON language), source code and can be easily read to aid debugging. The generated test programs are compatible with all of the company's ScanBooster and SCANFLEX® JTAG/Boundary Scan controllers.

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