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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Seica Intros Portable Break Out Box

Salem, NH — Seica SpA has introduced its new portable Break Out Box PTE-100, designed for 1st-level functional test. The product reportedly provides outstanding stimuli/measurement capabilities that are unique in its genre.Read More
Techspray Unveils Green Non-Polluting Cleaners

Amarillo, TX — Techspray has introduced its ecologically-friendly Techspray Renew products that take advantage of current "green" technology, and still maintain the cleaning strength typically available from the company's products.Read More
Tharo Intros Label Printer/Applicator

Brunswick, OH — Tharo Systems, Inc. is introducing the Tharo PA1200cw Corner Wrap Label Printer/Applicator. This multi-function unit can print and apply a label to 2 adjacent product surfaces — front and side or front and top.Read More
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