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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Ultra-Flat Membrane Potentiometers Enable Smart Engineering

Membrane potentiometers have changed the way engineers think about sensing. With some only 0.5mm thick, ultra-flat membrane potentiometers have product characteristics...
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A Universal Vision Solution for Robotics

A major Italian integrator of vision guided robotic solutions, Evolut, has already asserted itself as the specialist company in its field. The company has installed over 1100 robotic systems, including 850 with Cognex vision systems, which enable the robots to automatically recognize and ...
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Detecting & Avoiding Counterfeits

While the majority of counterfeit cases reported are associated with independent distributors, it's important to not label them as the cause, but rather to look to them for solutions. Understanding their processes and the measures...
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Thick Film Heaters Go Anywhere

It's a well known fact that passing current through a thick film resistor can transform it into a heating element. Such a phenomenon is a nuisance in thick film hybrid circuits where resistors need to operate at low temperature without long-term degradation to their electrical properties ...
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X-Ray Imaging: Some need-to-Know Basics

Electronic technology has given a great boost to real-time x-ray imaging. A tube was developed that could intensify the light from the intensifying screen. Called an "image intensifier," it is a vacuum tube with an input phosphor. Photons are converted to light and the light is converted ...
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