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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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IPC Midwest to Present A-Line Live Assembly Line
Bannockburn, IL — Ever wonder what it takes to manufacture today's state-of-the-art electronics? Every step in the assembly process will be on display and fully functioning as the "IPC A-Line" hits the show floor at IPC Midwest Conference and Exhibition, September 23-24, 2009, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center. Eleven of the industry's top suppliers have teamed up to demonstrate advanced electronics assembly, with on-site experts available to talk about the A-Line's high-tech processes, materials and equipment.

Back by popular demand, the IPC A-Line returns to IPC Midwest with an expanded line of equipment including both surface mount and through-hole component mounting. The A-Line enables event attendees to witness the actual operation of an assembly line, following a product from screen printing to component mounting and then through reflow — all while learning about the processes, equipment and end-item cleaning that are used to manufacture the assembly. At the end of the line, attendees will receive a finished product assembly. A-Line participants are:

Ace Production Technologies KISS-104 fully automated selective soldering machine, which is used to flux and solder through hole components on SMT boards within close proximity to adjacent components. KISS-104 maintains the PCB stationary during the soldering process preventing components from toppling over, which could cause "unset" inter-metallic fillets — while overcoming the limitations of operator-dependent soldering with a flexible automated flux application and molten solder delivery system.

ASYS Inc. BLS 01 in-line laser marking system is designed to mark codes, images and clear text into solder resist. The laser and the galvo head are mounted above a conveyor on an X/Y-gantry. The PCB is clamped and secured while the laser is moved to the pre-programmed XY positions and the contents are marked.

Aqueous Technologies Trident III automatic defluxing and cleanliness testing system is capable of removing all flux residues including rosin, no-clean and water soluble. Both lead and lead-free flux residues may be removed using the system, and it is equipped with an automatic chemical injection system that automatically adds a programmable volume of defluxing chemical to the wash water.

Bare Board Group printed circuit boards from the award-winning, nationally recognized PCB distributor, providing quality high-mix, low-to-medium volume production printed circuit boards from Taiwan.

Capital Equipment Exchange Company (CEE) Speedline MPM AP Excel screen printer lets attendees experience first-hand the quality of a previously-owned Speedline MPM AP Excel Screen Printer in the IPC production A-Line. CEE can help companies bridge tough cost-conscious times while maintaining the quality they have come to expect with the highest quality of previously owned equipment. Fuji America Corporation XPF-W pick-and-place system, a small footprint machine, can assemble PCBs up to 20 x 27-in. using the world's first Dynamic Head Exchange which allows the machine to switch from a high speed chip shooter to a flexible placement machine in between 0.3 and 0.8 seconds. The five foot wide base can hold up to 128 feeder inputs and place components ranging from 01005 to 68mm square.

Kyzen Corporation AQUANOX® A4241 is a new aqueous cleaning solution designed with a new inhibition technology to be effective on the toughest soils while protecting even the most sensitive parts from etch or darkening. A4241 can be used in a multi-process environment and will provide brilliant solder joints with no sump side additives and consistent cleaning results with minimal bath monitoring.

Microscreen stencils for solder paste deposition are laser-cut as well as electroformed. Options for lead-free stencils include high-nickel metal and "green" identification. All stencils are 100 percent inspected using ScanCheck AOI. Microscreen is a distributor of Wizard and Space Saver frame systems. Products include thick film screens as well as printing screens for solar cell, membrane switch, flex circuitry and other large frame requirements.

The Morey Corporation provides as a leader in advanced, reliable hardened electronics and at the forefront of innovation in electronic product development and manufacturing for the telematics, display and controller markets. The company has long-term manufacturing relationships with top-tier industry leaders in commercial transportation, aeronautical, agriculture, construction, military, and other heavy equipment industries.

Promation, Inc. conveyors specialize in PCB and pallet handling, robotic soldering systems, automated label placement solutions, and other complementary custom automation. As a two-time technology award winner, the company has firmly positioned its products to be cost-competitive and able to meet the most demanding production schedules.

Qualitek International, Inc. solder paste and flux solutions. Local technical support and manufacturing headquarters in Addison, IL U.S.A. as well as abroad. ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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