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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Gamma: Spectrally-Programmable Digital Light Source
Programmable digital light source.
San Diego, CA — Gamma Scientific is introducing the new Digital Light Source RS-5H. Developed to simplify the testing and calibration of a variety of optical instruments, the high-powered, color-tunable light source uses a 16-bit linear digital brightness control.

The company's unusual light source is spectrally programmable with simple commands; the color and brightness are digitally controlled and can be changed in a matter of milliseconds. The system can output saturated blue, green and red. Brightness levels of thousands of lux can be achieved, depending on the configuration and customer requirements. It can also simulate a number of different illuminants, including illuminants A, C, D65, and E.

The new RS-5H is utilized in semiconductor image sensor testing and as an illumination source for light boxes or automotive testing. It is also useful in highway safety and military applications. The cost of operation is much lower and the lifetime of the lamps is much longer than traditional light sources, such as tungsten, xenon, and metal halide.

According to the company, the durable and affordable digital light source changes color and brightness without the need for moving parts, making it easy to install into new and/or existing systems. In addition, it has very little down-time, making it a suitable choice for production line applications.

Contact: Gamma Scientific, 8581 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA 92123 800-637-2758 or 858-279-8034 fax: 858-576-9286 Web:

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