Friday, March 24, 2017
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ACE Intros "SMART" Conveyor
SMART Conveyor grips board to prevent warpage.
Spokane, WA — ACE Production Technologies, Inc. is introducing its new SMART Conveyor that controls PCB warpage during the selective soldering process. The conveyor was developed in response to the continuous challenges of selective soldering process development.

Printed Circuit Board assemblies — because of size, thickness, multi-part routing and component weight — tend to sag or warp. Until now, operators had to use a variety of different board holding strategies, including custom fixturing, to ensure a reliable and repeatable selective soldering process. Custom fixturing is expensive, however, and time-consuming. Now, with this newly-developed SMART Conveyor, most of these difficult setups can be handled easily and automatically.

The new conveyor automatically senses and adjusts to board size, then "crowds" the PCB for a snug fit to ensure accurate board location. Then, the conveyor automatically clamps the two parallel edges and re-sizes the holding area while exerting gentle pressure that eliminates any board shape issues.

According to the company, PCB warpage has always been a key concern during the electronics assembly process, but it is even more critical now due to the higher precision in the assembly process demanded by today's circuit assemblies. Lead-free assembly is less forgiving than lead-based soldering, and today's assemblies are more complex and demanding than ever before. Since warpage of PCBs directly impacts the precision of the selective soldering process, it must be controlled to ensure good solder connections, repeatability, and product reliability. The company's SMART Conveyor, in conjunction with automated optical alignment and skew correction, addresses the critical requirements of true automation.

Contact: ACE Production Technologies, 3010 N. Industrial Park, First Street, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 509-924-4898 fax: 509-533-1299 Web:

See at IPC Midwest Booth #537.


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