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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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BEI Duncan Intros Position Sensors Brochure
Precision components brochure.
Irvine, CA — BEI Duncan Electronics has released a new brochure: "Position Sensor Solutions for Aerospace and Defense". The new literature highlights the company's original founding goal of producing military-grade, precision wire-wound potentiometers for position sensing in military and aerospace applications. The brochure also describes the company's successful track record of reliable product performance of the initial product offering along with its technology expansion since.

The company's position sensors can be found in a wide range of environmental extremes where the ability to withstand high vibration and shock is required. These include commercial and military aircraft, missiles and guided projectiles, helicopters, autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs), military vehicles and spacecraft. Numerous applications rely on precision position sensing, including guidance control, flight control actuators, nose wheel steering systems, cockpit control systems, engine bleed systems, fly-by-wire systems, cabin controls, fuel control systems, valve control, rotor tilt, tail position, and drive control systems.

The new brochure also describes the company's extremely versatile capabilities in providing sensing solutions to meet exact customer requirements. This is accomplished by offering a complete range of product alterations — from simple adaptations of standard products, to more specific complex product modifications, to complete custom design.

Highlighted product technologies include rotary and linear conductive plastic, wirewound, hybrid, and magnetic Hall effect non-contacting position sensors. Key performance attributes of these products include high precision, redundant outputs for superior reliability, high operating temperature, and robust design to withstand shock and vibration in harsh environmental extremes. Other operating characteristics include millions of cycles, single and multi-turn, IP sealing, and accuracy of better than 0.05 percent.

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