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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Fancort Depaneler Separates Metalized Boards Stress-Free
Stress-free depaneler.
West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort is introducing a new depaneling machine designed to separate metalized circuit boards from pre-scored panels without stress and excessive wear to the knives. The new machine is a pneumatically operated shear with two wedge-shaped knives that shear panels with a gentle rocking motion as the knives penetrate the score line. This is in sharp contrast to conventional punch-and-die systems which use a guillotine motion, or machines that use round knives which can produce stress from the rolling motion of the board edges during separation.

In addition, LEDs are being used in greater frequency on circuit boards today as part of the push for energy conservation. The higher population of LEDs generates considerable heat, which means board manufacturers are using metal inner layers to help dissipate the heat. Now the problem becomes one of separating the boards in the panel. Conventional depaneling machines simply do not have the right knife design or enough power to do this without strain, or rapid wear on the knives.

The new VPD5A has been tested by an independent lab for stress during separation and produces on average less than 100 microstrains, an extremely low level. The design of the new depaneler allows for stress-free board separation with components as close as 0.5mm from the score line, including delicate ceramic capacitors. It can separate boards up to 3.5mm in thickness, and is safe when used on thin boards, down to 0.032-in. thick. The design of the knives separates boards with tall components near the score line, up to 1.00-in. from the top of the PCB. According to the company, it is also operator goof-proof. The operator can only insert the panel into the machine along the score line, making it impossible to damage the boards.

The VPD-5 is easy to use, requires almost no maintenance, and can be used immediately when taken out of the crate with the addition of an air line and electricity to operate the foot switch.

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