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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Scheugenpflug Launches New Dispensing System
Dispensing system for heat-conductive materials.
Kennesaw, GA — Scheugenpflug has unveiled the latest version of its popular DOS A280 dispensing system. Made specifically for heat-conductive, abrasive, and highly viscous resins and pastes, the new dispensing system uses an innovative new pump system, with a patented design to improve the dispensing of even the toughest casting materials with sharpest-edged fillers — significantly streamlining production and reducing maintenance needs.

The DOS A280 is suitable for industrial manufacturers who use thermally-conductive heavy resins and adhesives — many of which include a large amount of fillers, such as aluminum oxide and silicate — and therefore become both abrasive and difficult to dispense. As a result, they can impede productivity and cause extensive damage to the dispensing machines, which then require frequent maintenance and parts replacement.

Unlike conventional systems, the new dispensing system's robust construction handles the most abrasive materials effortlessly, using a patented Vacuum Barrel Follower Plate and clean barrel change. This enables the smooth, air-free feeding of highly viscous adhesives directly from their original compound through the pump, and ensures quick, precise dispensing and application. The result is a dramatic decrease in production downtime and maintenance costs. The unit comes as a standalone workstation for manual operation, with an integrated control and dispenser with table stand. Optional equipment is available to increase convenience and functionality, including a foot switch, mixing tube heater, and more. The system can also be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines.

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