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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Heading for Normalcy
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
It has been 13 years since U.S. Tech started to publish its print edition on the Internet at At first, all we did was to duplicate the print tabloid in our website. But it wasn't long before our advertisers discovered the benefits of having "hot links" from to their own web sites, and vice versa. Today, those hot links are an important part any advertising package that we sell.

The web site is vastly different today as well, with daily news postings every weekday, in addition to the contents of our print edition plus archives filled with back issues. The reach of such an operation is huge; we have typically been getting more than a half-million good hits per month on our website, and the numbers keep climbing.

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, we still have a print edition that virtually dwarfs any other trade publication in our industry. In spite of a difficult business climate, you are reading a 76-page tabloid; no one else comes even close.

The reason for this success is manyfold: excellent editorial, extreme dedication and hard work by our staff, increasing exposure in Europe and China at trade shows and on the Internet, and the fact that we continue to find ways to surge ahead of the competition.

Finally, our web site continues to grow in scope and coverage presenting daily news, plus technical material and information that go far beyond the confines of our already large print edition.

As the economy recovers and business returns to what we consider to be normalcy, we will be adding more features to our publication. Last year, we established an affiliation with a major publisher in China, and our readership has been expanding rapidly in the Far East. Look for us to continue to expand on a global scale, because that's where we all do business today.  

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