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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Mixpac Intros Portable Benchtop Dispenser

Salem, NH — Mixpac Equipment Inc. has unveiled its new DXB Bench Dispenser, a portable, benchtop unit that offers a fast, simple and accurate solution for dispensing two-component reactive resins in a wide variety of ratios.
The dispenser is a highly versatile and economic dispensing system that allows the A and B components of flowable adhesives to be gravity-fed from separate, refillable 2-gallon containers through an integral DXB Dispenser. This benchtop unit, which comes with a foot pedal actuator, allows for hands-free operation that ensures precise mix ratios and reproducible results. The stand is fully adjustable...
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New Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter from Eraser

Syracuse, NY — Eraser has introduced its Model WC302 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter, an automatic wire and flexible tubing cutter that easily and accurately cuts wire, tubing, and sleevings to the programmed length and number of pieces.Read More
New Gore Filters for Semicon Wet Process

Elkton, MD — W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced the new 40nm-rated filter, intended for use with chemicals in wet processes and distribution systems. The new product, added to the company's line of high-performance cartridge filters for semiconductor applications, provides 40nm retention while ...Read More
Newport: Micromachining Laser Workstation

Irvine, CA — Newport Corporation is introducing a new micromachining workstation specifically designed for high precision laser direct-writing (LDW) and patterning. The flexible device can be integrated with several lasers to produce 2- or 3-dimensional patterning and writing on virtually any material ...Read More
OGP Intros Contour Projector

Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) is introducing the new Focus Advance 16-in. Horizontal Contour Projector®, a state-of-the-art optical comparator. The new unit is a premium benchtop comparator offering numerous technology firsts and innovative features.
Like other members of the Focus product line, Focus Advance uses innovative all-LED TruLight illumination, a world-first use...
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OK Int'l Launches New Product Catalog

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has released a brand new product catalog, now available as a free download prior to the release of a print version. The catalog provides easy-to-use selection charts and has been updated with the company's latest soldering/desoldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing technologies — providing a useful guide to the company's extensive product range.
Spanning 48 pages, the new catalog takes
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Park Intros RF & Microwave Material

Melville, NY — Park Electrochemical Corp. has introduced Mercurywave 9350, the company's new RF and Microwave material product. The new material, which has a controlled dielectric constant of 3.5, is available in both copper-clad laminate and prepreg product forms. Read More
Plasma Etch Intros Low Cost Cleaning System

Carson City, NV — Plasma Etch, Inc. is introducing a highly affordable benchtop plasma cleaning system, the PE-50, designed specifically for Universities and R&D facilities.
The PE-50 utilizes a substantial 6 x 6 x 4-in. aluminum vacuum chamber for accommodating substrates up to 5 x 5-in. with 3-in. of height clearance. The system includes a 125W 50kHz RF power supply provided with continuously variable power...
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Renishaw: Track-Mounted Encoder System

Hoffman Estates, IL — Renishaw's new Fastrack linear encoder scale system brings high accuracy, stainless steel construction and quick, easy installation to large, sectional machines used in flat-panel display and photovoltaic manufacturing applications, as well as large CMMs that require removal ...Read More
Schleuniger: Creating Clean Cross-Sectional Views

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's new MicroGraph System with a combined saw-polish process and innovative electrolyte staining technology creates high-quality cross-sectional views in a fraction of the time needed with conventional methods.Read More
Seica Combines FlyScan with Boundary Scan

Strambino, Italy — Seica, in partnership with Temento Systems, has developed the FlyScan module as a new approach to the integration of the boundary scan technique and flying probe test systems. Today, the innovative FlyScan is available as part of the complete line of Pilot/Aerial flying probe testers ...Read More
Silicone Thermal Gel Sheets from AAC

(New Hyde Park, NY — New sheet type silicone thermal gel sheets from Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) provide excellent control and dissipation of heat in electronic components. Applications include computer internal components such as CPUs, motherboards, power transformers, power supply equipment ...Read More
Tharo: Print Bar Code & RFID Labels with XML

Brunswick, OH — Tharo Systems, Inc. now provides an easy solution for printing bar code and RFID labels using XML (Extensible Markup Language) enabled enterprise systems. EASYLABEL® 5 Platinum's XML Monitor will watch a file directory or TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) ...Read More
Virtual Industries Intros Extended Reach Tips

Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc. is introducing the Extended Reach series of substrate handling tips for solar cells, wafers or flat panels.
The extended reach tips are available in three sizes to allow reaching up to 200mm into an area to pick up a substrate. Substrates...
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XDry Intros Process Audit Tool

Las Vegas, NV — Leading the way towards more sophisticated data logging and analysis, XDry is introducing XDry M.O.L.E., a new process audit tool for its line of ultra-low humidity desiccant dry cabinets. XDry M.O.L.E., based on the V-M.O.L.E.® from ECD, adds a new dimension to recording and reporting ...Read More
Yamaichi Intros Hi Amp Connectors

San Jose, CA — Yamaichi Electronics is introducing its new BoardFit connectors for a wide range of applications to include board-to-board and board-to-cable connecters with two new connector types, BoardFit and MatchCon. Read More
Zestron Vapor Recovery Systems Reduce VOC Emissions

Manassas, VA — Zestron America is introducing the newly developed Vapor Recovery Systems — Zestron® Condenser and Zestron Demister. Zestron demisters and condensers are specifically designed for the recovery of exhaust vapors originating from automated cleaning processes without negatively affecting the operation of the associated equipment. The impact on the annual ...
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