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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Laird Releases Thermal Management Application Note
St. Louis, MO — Laird Technologies, Inc. has released its new application note titled "Thermoelectric Assemblies for Medical Applications." The application note is the first in a series of notes describing the role of thermal management in numerous market segments.

The application note describes why Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs) are a suitable thermal management solution for many medical applications such as laser system optics, clinical diagnostic systems, digital radiography, MRIs, medical centrifuges, and portable medical cockpits. A wide range of small-and medium-sized heat pumping TEAs handle most medical device requirements including temperature regulation of samples and stabilization of sensitive instruments with the use of temperature controllers.

Simple thermal management solutions such as passive cooling — adding a fan and heat sink — are no longer typically viable solutions to meet required performance and reliability

specifications. In today's complex medical operating environment, TEAs are necessary to provide precise temperature control by cooling and heating in a variety of modular platforms.

TEAs provide special benefits that make them the only effective solution for many medical thermal management applications by offering greater performance, higher reliability, and low cost of ownership. Their advanced capabilities are aided by new material technologies, thinner profiles, and automated assembly.

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