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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Schleuniger: Creating Clean Cross-Sectional Views
Cleaning of surface directly under the MacroZoom unit.
Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's new MicroGraph System with a combined saw-polish process and innovative electrolyte staining technology creates high-quality cross-sectional views in a fraction of the time needed with conventional methods.

The MicroGraph System can be used to saw, polish, stain (clean) and visually analyze crimps and other connections such as welded and spliced connections. The modular system is comprised of individual components that can be combined according to customer requirements. Each test sample is secured in a sample holder, which is easily inserted into the saw and polish unit (SPU) using a tool-less, quick-change mechanism. Depending on the wire size, there are two different models of the SPU available: SPU 6 — up to 10 AWG (6mm2), and SPU 60 — up to 2/0 AWG (60mm2). The main advantage of both devices is that they combine the sawing and polishing processes in one unit. Test samples can be prepared in one step without having to remove the sample holder — which saves time when compared to using separate units. Both devices provide an excellent cutting surface even before polishing. In many cases, the polishing step is not required, thereby saving even more time. Sawing can be optimized further using different sawing blades for different materials or small wires down to 32 AWG (0.03mm2).

After a sample is cut and polished, the surface of the sample is cleaned using the staining pen of the ESU 6 Electrolyte Staining Unit. Contrary to common etching methods, the ESU 6 does not use aggressive, acidic chemicals to remove dirt or impurities. The electrolyte staining process is environmentally-friendly and much safer than traditional methods.

The entire sample holder can be quickly positioned under the zoom-optic of the MZU 1.3 MacroZoom Unit for analysis. A 1.3megapixel, USB 2.0 camera along with pixel-fox® analysis and measuring software are included and can be installed on a standard PC. The optics and software can be quickly and easily calibrated according to international standards with an optional object micrometer.

Contact: Schleuniger, 87 Colin Dr., Manchester, NH 03103 603-668-8117 fax: 603-668-8119 Web:

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